• I really thought this poem was beautiful. I liked how you made the text in all capital letter, because it demonstrates how urgent this child’s need for communication is. This addresses a very real issue with the language barrier and how many children feel when they cannot communicate. Great job!

  • This is a very interesting topic! It applies to a lot of us, because we are constantly being advertised to. I also like how you used a very specific brand to use as an example. I really liked the paper! Great job!

  • Americans own 70-80 million dogs. So obviously, dogs are a huge part of our everyday lives. Many American households see their dog as an extension of the family. But, do our dogs reciprocate our overabundance of

    • I think this is such an interesting topic because so many people feel that they truly do have a deep connection and love with their dog. Psychologically analyzing dogs is an awesome topic and your abstract covers the questions many people may have about dogs and their thoughts.

    • I love dogs. Well done Jessica, this is a very interesting topic. I love my dogs and we we treat them as a part of the family. I am excited to continue reading your entire research paper.

    • Jessica, this was very interesting and well done. I really like how you wrote this and how you got straight to the point yet it didn’t feel rushed. Good job!

    • This is so interesting! Plus, I have to admit it’s nice to know my furry friends do love me. I always knew my dog was smarter than I thought. Nice research paper, I am curious as to what else you find out!

    • Jessica, thank you for sharing your post. I one hundred percent agree with you, my dog is definitely my family. After reading this, I just felt so happy and I wanted to go hug my dog. Also, I found it very interesting that dogs can actually feel emotions like jealousy.

      Thank you for brightening my day.

  • Interesting topic, but is Ted Cruz and Obama a reliable authority when talking about Space Travel? In a perfect world, space should be the next big frontier. However, I don’t think it is economically feasible to spend billions on colonizing a planet, especially when destruction is not imminent. I know that private ventures, such as Space X, are…[Read more]

  • This is very powerful. The effects of adoption on children are not spoken about very often in society today. I think that this research topic is bringing to light the trauma that is associated with loosing one’s mother. This is a great topic and good luck on your research!!

  • I am writing this research paper in order to discover how my dog truly perceives me. I perceive him as if he is a smaller and slightly hairier person, but I think the way he perceives the world is far different

    • Hi Jessica, I enjoyed reading about your topic. I have always felt that dogs are somehow connected to us humans. I am interested to know if this applies with other house pets, like cats.

    • Jessica,
      This must be a very interesting topic to research. I think the fact that someone conducted the study about the dogs in the dark is quite funny. I know that my dog definitely would have been one to eat the treat in the dark. Good luck with your research!

    • This is an awesome topic. I always wonder if my dog can actually understand me or if he just reacts to the tone of my voice. Good job:)

    • Dear Jessica,
      I am very intrigued by your article called “How Our Dogs Perceive: Pioneer Database,” 
      because my aunt studies this topic and teaches about it in Barnard collage. you should look up Alexandra Horrowitz she has written books on the topic.

    • It is interesting how domesticated dogs are more connected to humans and understand what humans are doing or what they want from them. This topic was interesting because it helps me understand a dogs behavior.

  • I found lots of different articles on how dogs perceive humans. Some of which support my thesis and some which contradict my thesis. However, they are mostly in favor of my thesis.  

    Due to recent innovations in

  • Your topic is incredibly important in society today. Most people don’t take into account the harmful effects of meat on the environment. Here’s a fun fact: simply the land space it takes to feed the chickens in the USA takes up the entire square footage of Puerto Rico (twice). Not only jut meat, but choosing to buy product that are not local…[Read more]

  • How do dogs perceive their owners?

    I have always found animals fascinating, especially dogs. There are some questions that I really want to answer about my dog, Obi. Does Obi really love me? Do dogs perceive

    • Jessica, I love your article about dogs so much! I already love dogs so the fact that you wrote about that makes me double love your article! I too find it interesting to ponder about what dogs think about humans and if they really love you. I find the episodic memory particularly interesting as well. I wonder what would happen if we didnt use “baby talk” on our dogs? Maybe they would think we still loved them, but in a different way. All of my and your questions are so hard to answer with current technology, but I hope that they can be answered soon! Again, I loved your article, thank you for posting it!!

      Hunter Hollenbeck

  • I agree that being happy is the ultimate goal of a person. However, a better word to describe this is being fulfilled. I think most people get pure authentic joy from connections with other humans around them. It is funny how our world emphasizes the importance of acquiring goods, when most people really need authentic connections with others and…[Read more]

  • The price of college is ridiculous. College should not be only an elite privilege. The price of college is only adding to the income inequality that plagues America today. It adds to the vicious cycle of the rich going to college and becoming richer and the poor either not going to college or getting plummeted with college loans.

  • This is a very interesting subject. There have been many cases of psychiatrists misdiagnosing their patient’s natural childhood energy for ADHD. Adderall is a real and strong drug. It can lead these children down the wrong path. The diagnostic process needs to be improved.

  • With new technology and distractions surrounding us everyday, it is critical to take advantage of the holiday season to spend time with family. I loved the anecdote about the Santa guy. What a heart warming story! It almost gives you hope in humanity.

  • I wear a uniform at school. There are for sure positive and negative aspects of wearing a uniform. I personally really enjoy wearing a uniform, simply because I am really lazy and do not want the responsibility of choosing an oufit every morning. However, I do believe free dress is an important part of self-expression. Also, making everyone in the…[Read more]

  • Wow. This is a really interesting poem. I liked how you compared your relationship of the person you are addressing to the universe. For example, you said the universe can seem both near and far. This is similar to how sometimes a relationship with someone can feel close, but at other times, it can feel universes away. Sometimes, like at night,…[Read more]

  • Wow. This story is really powerful. I think it is awesome that you are using this terrible experience to spread the word and educate people about this disease. It is important to treat everyone with kindness, because you never know what invisible illness they are dealing with. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and stay strong.

  • I am so impressed that you were able to notice and fix an injustice in the world. Electricity is something many of us take for granted. It may seem small to provide light to people at night. However, it is changing their worlds and making it easier for them to succeed in their school work and beyond.

  • There is something really scary about clowns, especially murdering clouds. I think it is just such a contradiction; happy and malicious that just creates something super scary.

  • I agree that it is important to maintain a childlike sense of wonder. I definitely feel as if we spend so much time in our daily activities that we don’t take the time to enjoy. I loved when you said it is important to “let go of caution and give into curiosity”. This was very well written! Good job.

  • Gun Right Activists cite the 2nd amendment as one an inalienable rights along with freedom of speech, religion, and property. We, as Americans, have the right to use guns as protection in public and at home.

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