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    Dear Rodrigo, I enjoyed reading your story about you and your brothers bond knowing your bond with your brother grew in the matter of time. knowing I dont have that kind of bond its really cool you have a close bond knowing its just you and him in your family.

  • Dear Angela, I enjoyed reading your comic. I liked how you showed that you loved doing make up. It is amazing how you are growing up doing what you wana do.

    • Dear Jessika, thank you for sharing your story I know it can be hard. I really like who I am able to see the emotion and pain that is going on throughout your comic.

  • It was in the middle of the night.

    When I heard him crying.

    My nephew Juanisaih.

    Small baby boy.

    New to our family

    A new beginning.

    A new change to our family.

    I don’t know what I felt knowing I had a

    • Dear Jessika,
      I am surprised by your poem because I can relate to everything you wrote about. Same with me, my sister had a baby last year and it was something unplanned and unexpected like you but it is something we are really grateful of. I like when you said, “I still don’t believe that is my sisters baby. I still see my sister as my sister not a mom.
      Both in our room. Talking about makeup. Or talking about going out places. Never thought I would see my sister with a baby. Least not for a while. But I am glad she got to be a mom.” I really like that line, because I can relate so much, it’s crazy lol. I enjoyed reading your piece of writing.

  • Dear Angela I enjoyed reading your poem of how you are really artistic and it is how you are able to express your self and not letting nobody judge you for who you are.

  • Dear Rodrigo, I really enjoyed reading your poem on why you are athletic as hell and I thought it was a nice way how you connected soccer to your family, and how it made you become who you are.

  • Dear Gerardo, I really like your poem and I liked how you said ” I opened and became someone new”, I thought it was really a strong way of expressing your self how many people may not see or get.

    Why Am I Paranoid As Hell
    I hate that feeling.

    That feeling when you are sad but I have no idea why.

    I feel so fucking empty.

    But nothing in particular happened.

    They ask you what’s wr

  • Dear Esthefany,

    Something that stood out to me was how your family are the strongest when you guys are together. My favorite line from your memoir was when you explained how the pride in your family name was huge its good to know you guys have a really strong bond as a family.


    My name is Jessika was given to me when I was born obviously. My mom and dad  gave me this name because she liked the name but instead of having to put a C on my name she decided to put a K, so it can be j

    • Dear Jessika,

      Something that stood out to me was that you said that not a lot of Jessika’s have a K in their name. It stood out to me because that’s true. You are the only Jessika that I know that has a K, but to me that’s cool.

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