• In my humanities class, I did a project with a team that was about having an issue to upstand for by spreading awareness/making a change. My team and I’s issue was sexual harassment in the workplace. We did a w

    • Dear Jessica,
      I agree with your posts and idea because I also believe that sexual harassment is a very serious topic and sexual harassment in the workplace is very serious and should be adressed. I also agreed with how upstanders are important. One sentence that really stood out to me was, “Being an upstander means to stand up for yourself and others for whatever you believe in. You can be an upstander by spreading awareness and helping others.” I think this is very true and well said because upstanders are a big part of sexual harassment since they are the ones who can really change sexual harassment. We all need to speak out in order to change the world for the better. Another sentence that I agreed with is (from the tri-fold) is how we should take action against sexual harassment as groups. You also said how working in a group can really affect the cause you are trying to work for. I agree with this too becasue I think it is very important to gather people who believe the same things as you, if you really want to make a difference. I also agree with how we are all stronger together and how everyone has a part in society and the problems in society. For example, in a topic like sexual harassment, everyone has to do a part in order to stop it. Thanks for your writing! I look forward to seeing what you write next because it seems like you really care about sexual harassment.

  • April 22, 2019

    Jessica, Beatriz, Ashley

    Dear #MeToo Movement (Tarana Burke):

    We are writing to this movement because we agree with you. We want to stand up with you.  After hearing someone

    • Hi! I really thought your group’s introduction was great! You let Tarana know exactly why you are writing to her and why you want to stand by her. The statistics you provided were very informative and eye opening, this statistic caught my eye; “81% of women get sexually harassed in some point of their life time.” The amount of women who have or still experience harassment is heart breaking and this post shows the importance of showing support to the victims and putting a stop to sexual harassment or abuse. Thank you for showing your support and thoughts on this issue.

    • Jessica H., Beatriz B., and Ashley M.

      Thank you for all your advocacy and action on this long standing issue of sexual harassment.

      I really appreciated that you included an informative graph that visually represented the level and intensity that sexual harassment takes place ( even at an early age)

      Your social media action plans seem like a great idea too. Do you plan to include graphs and visuals in your campaign? I think using infographics and visual aides will really help communicate your advocacy and action plan. All the best !

    • Your article is very interesting and alarming! Thank you for including all of these charts and percentages, it adds a lot to your paper. It is very unfortunate that women are being sexually harassed in the workplace, but thank you for taking the first step to help spread awareness! I love all of your plans to spread the word. You will be able to reach different audiences with all your plans! Flyers and ribbons will definitely spread awareness on your campus and using social media will help you reach people all over the world! I love the Instagram page you created, it’s a great username. I’m excited to read your next follow up article and see your success!

    • This is very well written! I love the idea of using social media to advocate for women who have experienced sexual harassment. How has your instagram page been doing so far in terms of spreading awareness?

    • Hi Jessica H., Beatriz B., and Ashley M.,

      This is an alarming issue that should not be taken lightly. Thank you for taking the time to speak up about such a sensitive topic. As a young woman, everyday tasks can sometimes be difficult, as we are always being targeted. It is important to emphasize the importance of personal safety habits, such as carrying pepper spray, to all individuals. Hearing about spreading awareness at your school is amazing, and I am glad that woman empowerment is being recognized even at a young age. Continue to be amazing!


    • Hi! I find your article extremely informative and full of important information that most might not be aware of. I find the chart that you included to be quite useful to understand just how dire this situation is. 10% of girls as young as 13 have experienced some form of sexual harassment. I find this absolutely disgusting and shocking, young girls who do nothing to deserve what they get. What is even more shocking is that as many as 27% of young women get sexually harassed by the age of 17. I would not have known this previously, so thank you for making this article and informing many of what is going on. Please make sure to check out my blog on wordpress: https://domesticviolenceactivism.wordpress.com/

  • Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was, “la gente que hoy en dia es consciente del daño que causa al mundo y de afectara a futuro”. A question I have for you is whatever community you live do you see this problem happening as well? I look forward to hearing back!

  • Why are people littering so much? In Oakland there is a lot of trash in the streets and in public places due to people littering a lot. Littering is when people decide to throw trash outside and not in a trash

    • Dear Jessica
      I am impressed by your post tirar basura en oakland ,’’ porque… la gente es perezosa porque no tira la basura en un bote de basura y descarga la basura ilegalmente en lugares en los que no debería que afecta a oakland poco a poco una frase que usted escribió que es destaca para mi es 29,000 vertidas de basura en un año que es preocupante porque… la gente que hoy en dia es consciente del daño que causa al mundo y de afectara a futuro gracias. Por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque… tu información sobre la basura me parece un tema el cual se debe de tomar mas enserio de mucha preocupacion

      • Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was, “la gente que hoy en dia es consciente del daño que causa al mundo y de afectara a futuro”. A question I have for you is whatever community you live do you see this problem happening as well? I look forward to hearing back!

    • Jessica, thank you for sharing your viewpoint on this urgent matter in our society. I thought you made some very good points about how littering is becoming socially acceptable and why people think it’s okay to do this. I also thought the interviews in your piece of writing were used very well to support your point. Do you think it is the government’s fault that littering is so socially acceptable? If so, what would you have them to do change this? Similarly, do you think that the situation is especially bad in Oakland, or do you believe this to be a problem on a much broader spectrum? The only critique I have is maybe give a little more insight into why people tend to think like those around them. This is known as group think. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/groupthink I have attached a link above. Maybe you could include this in your reasoning. Overall you did a really good job. Let me know what you think of the link!

    • Hello Jessica!
      Thank you for sharing your insight on the littering epidemic in Oakland. While reading your post I noticed your interviewees and the overall tone of your paper seemed to blame the government more than the litter-bug residents. Some questions that came up as I was reading were- Why is the government completely at blame? If I am correct, there are public trash bins and public sanitary workers that clean the streets. These services are provided and paid for by the government; I would consider this an attempt to reduce litter in the city. Also, have you considered the rapidly increasing homeless problem as a contributing factor to the litter issue? Just a few thoughts to consider, thank you!
      -Mia B #SJSU

    • Dear Jessica:

      I am impressed by the amount of effort and research you put into the blog post, “Littering in Oakland,” because the variety of sources you utilized and cited makes your information more valid and well-supported. The interviews and articles you incorporated in your post makes it much more informational.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “People are littering in Oakland because they think it’s socially acceptable to litter.” I think this is absolutely correct because people think it’s okay to do something when it meet the norms of society, but they hesitate to do something different or normally not accepted or expected by society.
      Another sentence that I agreed with was: “People in Oakland litter because they are simply lazy to throw away something”. This stood out for me because although it seemed like an ordinary, vague reason, you supported this point in multiple ways with multiple different sources. This persuaded me to agree with what you were trying to imply.

      Thanks for conveying your viewpoint towards this vital issue in society which can have dire consequences upon the people in our society, as well as future generations. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really liked the way you utilized numerous different sources and research to support your point of view, convincing your audience to consider your viewpoint.

      I think you would be very interested in my own blog posts, addressing similar concerns to yours. Together, we can make a change in sanitation and abolish littering once and for all!

    • Dear Jessica,
      I am impressed with the amount of research you put in to your blog post, because it supports all the information you are including to prove your point is correct. A well-researched fact makes your opinion stronger, and you clearly have taken this into consideration by finding a great amount of evidence for your topic. I was especially drawn to your claim that “People in Oakland litter because they are simply lazy to throw away something” because it is a very large accusation. At first I was unsure that it was fully accurate, but after continuing to read I realized that because you had so much evidence, your statement was most likely correct. I know fully agree with your statement.

      I think that a possible solution to solving the problem of littering in Oakland is to put more trash cans in the streets. If there are more trash cans, it will be easier to dispose of trash, and therefore more people will do so. In addition, fines for littering can be increased, so every time someone is caught littering they will have to pay for it. More people will realize littering is not worth it and stop. In time, it will cease to be a problem.

      I think it is very important to recognize the causes behind littering, because it is the first step to finding a solution. I will definitely continue reading your posts because they are very well written and filled with lots of interesting information about littering.

      I think you, as well as others viewing this post, would be very interested in my own blog, in which I discuss littering and sanitation in New York City with several informed posts every week.
      You can find these posts here: https://sanitation4nyc.wordpress.com/

    • Dear Jessica,
      I am with you and your reaction to how people litter like it can be socially acceptable. Sooner or later we are going to be living in our own filth. We got only one planet and we should treat it with respect, because if we ruin this planet we will have no where else to go.

      Two classmates and I are doing a social movement on trying to power our school with solar panels. Do you have any suggestions on how we can succeed with this?

  • Littering in Oakland


    Why are people littering so much? In Oakland there is a lot of trash in the streets and in public places due to people littering a lot. Littering is when people decide to throw trash

    • I really like what you wrote about because people think that is ok to throw trash in the streets but it’s not they don’t realize how they are damaging the community

    • Dear Jessica,

      I loved your article “Littering in Oakland” because it really pointed out why people litter and why they think that it is okay to do. I also, really liked how you thought about how cleaning up litter came make us look better as a city. One sentence that you wrote that really stood out to me is, “. She thinks that the government doesn’t care about people littering so other people also don’t care. This matters because the people that have power also don’t want to do anything towards the littering problem we have in Oakland so that would make other people not care and/or think it’s acceptable to litter. This really stood out to me because it really brought to light that people in power do not care much. In fact if think about it not many people in power publicly state that that this is a big problem and that it is WRONG but since they don’t do this people will just continue to do what they have seen others do. Thanks for your writing. I really look forward to seeing what you write next, because you bring out topics that other people don’t pay much attention to.

    • Dear Jessica,
      i really enjoyed your blog and really agree and how you explained how you believe people need ti change their ways is very powerful and i liked how you clearly explained your self good job on that. By reading your blog im learning more on why littering is suck a huge problem ad have a great impact on our planet so good job also explaining that to. While reading your blog i think i need to take littering to heart because its impacting our wild life and well being. Well thank you for writing and i believe that your blog will make a change

    • Dear Lupita,

      I do agree with you that littering is a problem Oakland has. It is a problem that my street / block has, because people just dump trash anywhere, and think its ok. It was pretty interesting when you added the quote from Richard James, where he said,”The rain rinses the smog, plastic, cigarette butts, urine, oil, feces and all manner of other items off the streets of our cities into creeks, rivers, storm drains and eventually the ocean”. I thought that was really interesting, and some good research. Keep up the good work!

    • Dear :

      I am <by, about, with> your <post/poem/essay/letter/image…>, “,” because…

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “” I think this is because…

      Another sentence that I was: “.” This stood out for me because…

      Your <post/poem/essay/letter/image…> reminds me of something that happened to me. One time…

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because…

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “” I think this is because…

      Another sentence that I was: “.” This stood out for me because…

      Your <post/poem/essay/letter/image…> reminds me of something that happened to me. One time…

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because…

    • Dear Jessica, my name is Nazaret and I really like what you wrote, littering is something that should be talked about more often on how it can negatively affects our surroundings and most importantly our planet. i like that you brought more light into this issue and how we need to emphasize that littering is not good and people need to stop being lazy.

  • Dear Judith

    I am very touched by your poem, “The Universe Within Us”, because the relationship that you show in your poem of you and your mom is beautifully shown with all the metaphors that you use of the universe. One part of your poem that stands for me is where you wrote, “And the stars that decorate the universe with the light you belie…[Read more]

  • This is my poem about the community that Romeo and Juliet had to face when they wanted to be with each other. The main theme of this poem is when it’s two communities fighting against each other no one can

    • Dear Jessica
      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “We need to motivate people To stop this resentment. So love can be present.” because I agree with what you are trying to say. A connection I made to your poem is that the world has a lot of hate right now which is not good. Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.

    • Dear Jessica,
      I loved reading your poem! I liked the rhymes you put in, and about how you said that you“can’t put out fire with fire”; It’s great! I mainly loved when you said,
      “For what?
      Because two communities can’t learn how to pacify?
      Peace and love is a gate
      To stop this hate.
      Hate VS Hate
      A lot of communities can relate.
      We all have this trait.
      It almost never goes away
      Like a scar from some jaguar.
      Hate VS Hate”
      Thank you for posting your poem; Keep on writing!

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    Dear Greg,

    I am surprised by your shadow box because you added things that I didn’t see anyone else add to your shadow box. One part of your shadow box that stands out for me is where you made a popsicle bed. I think this is unique because I didn’t anything like that and I wonder what it means. Another part that I saw is where you put I thi…[Read more]

  • My Shadow Box

    By: Jessica Hernandez


    This shadow box represents the dominant and counter narratives that I have. On the outside of my shadow box I have some dominant narratives about myself. Many people

    • Hi jessica i just wonted to say i love your shadow box Its very different and i like that you put the images of you and your brother to show that your the youngest and i like that you explained you counter and dominant narritives

    • Dear Jessica,
      I like how you talked about how dominant narratives are wrong about you like for example, you are not mexican you’re Guatemalan. This is also represented on your box because you have the flag. Also, I like how you don’t always see yourself as feminine, which is showed by you wear a duck costume which was really funny. Overall, your shadow box is well done with all the symbols and images in your box and also your artist statement was well done too because you talked about your counter and dominant narratives.

    • Dear Jessica,

      I am astonished by your shadow box. I love how in your artist statement you explain how many people may see you as one ethnicity but the truth is you’re not. You are a proud Guatemalan and that is truly shown in your shadow box.One part of your artist statement/shadow box that I loved was that you showed how people may believe that you are always feminine but you are not always feminine and that is shown by when you dressed up as a duck for halloween instead of a princess or any feminine costume. Thank you for sharing your wonderful shadow box and showing the world that dominant narratives do not define you. Keep writing and showing the world YOUR perspective.


      Lupita Morales-Cordova=)

    • Dear Jessica,
      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Miella and I am a student at Fremont High School. Something that I liked about your work was you had artifacts that are important to you, and pictures. Something that I had a question about is was the project hard for you? Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is http://miellaefhs2022.edublogs.org/2018/11/06/assignment-3-the-identity-shadow-box/ Thank You!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Your shadow box to me represents inadequate assumptions based on the world. They look at you and just assume you are Mexican or because you are a female you should be feminine and do very feminine things. Well in fact, you are Guatemalan and you don’t consider yourself feminine in some ways. I love that your shadow box represents you as an individual and telling the world this is who I am.

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