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    This is a very nice poem, obviously it has meaning to you. Good Job

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  • she remembers existing
    she remembers summer nights and she remembers laughing
    she remembers the ocean
    Of course, she remembers the sky!
    she remembers touch, scent, smell, taste, sight
    she remembers those she

    • I think this is a very nice poem and it has lots of significant stuff. I think the author of this poem is saying real life events with a poem.

    • I think this is a very beautiful poem and I like it very much. I also think that the poem may be about someone that past away.

  • I can’t really see the stars from my house either, I know exactly what feeling you are describing, thank you for reading my poem.

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  • Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

  • This was very insightful, thank you.

  • Thank you, that was one thing I was trying to convey.

  • Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment, space has always been something I was interested in and I’m glad you enjoyed my poem.

  • My voice is hoarse;

    The rain leaves me drenched through all the layers.

    I feel puddles in my shoes.

    At this point, consequences do not even cross my mind.

    Trump is many things, but he is not my

    • This is a really cool poem. Even though it is short and simple, I feel like you really got a strong message across. You didn’t waste any lines, each one made it very clear and vivid how much this meant to you. I like the line about consequences not crossing your mind, that really tied the poem together well. Really good job, keep writing.

    • The brevity of this poem highlights its true significance: the nonacceptance of Presidential Elect Donald Trump. I liked how you included imagery of a protester that would be in the crowd. The physical images of ” puddles in [ your] shoes” and “a hoarse voice,” allow readers to better sense and image the underlying emotion of the speaker of the poem. A lot of times when we see people discussing Donald Trump and who are opposed to him, they often exhaust themselves in trying to express their opinion. By you simply saying in the last line of your poem ” Trump is many things, but he is not (this word is in bold) my president,” you capture the mindset of many protesters in one short line.

    • I agree with Lula that the length of the poem speaks volumes because it isn’t filled with the “what ifs'” or “give him a chance” kind of attitude that is shown in our media right now. This is beautiful poem and I love the imagery, I felt like I was a protester in the crowd.

    • While the main idea of your poem is simply an inaccurate notion, I do believe your poem is very well constructed, concise, and instills vivid imagery as well. While Donald Trump will be your, and every American citizen’s president on January 20th, you capture the essence of a protester in this poem, using words such as “hoarse” and “puddles”.

    • I think this is great. This peom reaches many levels and is able to be analyzed well. I think you could refine a few points and it’ll be even better. Good job.

    • I like how short and sweet this is. I also really like how you were able to make your point in a very strong way without posing an attack on others who may have the opposite views you do. I also like hie you took s stand in such a strong way without getting into any kind of argument.

    • Even though this poem is really short, it does have a lot of meaning to it. I love how it shows a lot of feeling and how you are trying to speak the truth. Great job!

    • I actually liked the length of the poem, it conveyed the message without getting too messy. I really like the imagery in this poem, I felt as if I was in the crowd.

    • This is a very concise and I think it gets your point across. I get the sense that you are very passionate about what you are protesting against. The last line of the poem is very powerful statement and ends the poem perfectly.

    • This poem is short yet so powerful in meaning. The last line in particular ends it strong.

    • This poem is good they tell that Trump will not be thier president, and people are protesting in all the country of the USA.

    • On this poem you can see that some people don’t like trump in consequence of this, they say trump is not their president.

    • I feel that Donad Trump should not be president but I can’t worry because the election is over and we have to wait until January

    • It is a good poem, it shows how People in USA don’t like trump and protest against him.

    • Dear Jessie,
      I love this poem its short but has lots of meaning and that’s really interesting to me. But one thing I would have liked is that you should have started the poem with ”I want-for president” that would have made the poem a little better to find for me personally. But the fact that you didn’t do that didn’t make it basic,so good work.

      • Hey Kasey thanks for the reply poiuytrewsxcvbhjuytrfdcvbhjhgtfdcvbnjkuygfvbnklpoiuytrewqazxcvbnm,lkjhgfdsaqwertyuiopuytrewqasdfghjuhghgfgfgtfgtfghjhjh

    • Great. Keep your voice strong and never give up. A man like Trump in the office won’t last long. He probably will resign or be impeached due to Russian meddling with his campaign. I honestly don’t see 4 years.

  • The space between that barrier and I seems to be infinite

    So many words lost in translation, it’s hard living in separate worlds.

    One planet, different spaces, different nights and different mornings

    set flame

    • This was a very deep piece of work and I strongly admire that, because I don’t think I would be able to write anything of this caliber. Also, I think that you really captured the essence of the power and size that space has; and also the effects it can have in a person’s mind. The way it can seem almost endless, yet it is also right in front of our faces, is an important part of what you wrote, and probably my favorite part of what you wrote.

      • Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment, space has always been something I was interested in and I’m glad you enjoyed my poem.

    • Wow. This is a really interesting poem. I liked how you compared your relationship of the person you are addressing to the universe. For example, you said the universe can seem both near and far. This is similar to how sometimes a relationship with someone can feel close, but at other times, it can feel universes away. Sometimes, like at night, the universe seems like it is right in front of you. But at other times, during the bright blue of the day, it can seem like it is far away.

    • I think this is a beautiful and very relatable poem to those who have relationships-not just romantic ones but friendly and family-like bonds with others. Using the universe in the context of the person you are addressing is clever in that its seems like at time the person can be a universe away.

    • I agree with Ryan, very deep. It made me ponder the vastness of space. I wish you could see the stars better from my house. When I am out camping i cant help but go into deep thought about what is out there. This reminded me lot of that feeling.

      • I can’t really see the stars from my house either, I know exactly what feeling you are describing, thank you for reading my poem.

    • I really enjoyed this poem. It really gives a feeling of what space is like and has great vibes to it. It’s calming a has a great tone. Well done.

    • Very interesting poem! I’m going to go on a little tangent here and say that I actually had a dream I had fallen into space! I was launched through at light speed, and after flying through space for what seemed like months or years, it was only when I was caught by an infinite being that I was returned to Earth.

      This poem’s construction is very well done. First, the “space” is addressed, it is pondered upon, but then the poem grounds you back on Earth when the author talks about another person hinted at by “us.” It’s a very concise poem, yet it is very tasteful!

      Good job. Hope to hear more from you soon!

    • I really like this poem, I think it’s so interesting how small we are. It’s crazy to think how many galaxies there are and how small we really are. It might make things hard for us to determine what our purpose in life is (because of how small we are), but I guess that’s why it’s worth it

    • This was a really incredible poem, something I’ve never really read before. It was incredibly cool to see the description of the relationship of the person and universe. It really portrayed the power of space and the major effect it has on us, and our minds. Its something in our lives that is always changing yet always constant.

    • Beautiful poem, I think your use of descriptive words fit really well together and help to escalate your poem as a whole. The poem flows well and each thought you provide for us to all question is spaced far enough that we can think each through individual idea.

    • I really liked this. It is really crazy how big space is and our true relevance in it all. Keep writing poems you’re very talented.

    • This is a really great poem, I loved how you compared how large space was with how large you felt the space was between you and that person. Really great job, I love your writing!

    • I loved the words you used in this poem, they paint a very vivid picture of what you are saying

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