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With a serious beard!

Well, Dee didn't like much of anything part of living in the country.

Yes! That's exactly what it was, even though it didn't have that name yet.

I see her as kind of in between the two daughters in her level of confidence…More confident than Maggie, less confident than Dee.

At least in terms of natural abilities, like innate intelligence, if not material things.

That's what he heard, yes.

It seems that it happens very often.

So did the pawn broker.

Exactly. If it is as magical as he believes, he thinks that he could bring her back.

Still passed out from the liquid “imagination.”


Liquid imagination. Oh dear.

It's a quest! A hero's journey!


“Indianizing” the metaphor

Look again…



Yes, in theory.

Hm, I don't see the connection between these two ideas.

Correct. Maggie is more accepting of her mother's traditional ways and is closer to her in general.

Dee is not doing the handshake; her boyfriend/husband/whateverheis is trying to do a complicated handshake with Maggie.

Yes, that seems to be what she is doing. If not better, than at least different. She wants to set herself apart from them somehow.

Maggie wasn't just unhappy…what happened to her in that fire?

He's not a barber. It's just the only word the narrator could pick out from an unfamiliar-sounding name.

“Asalaamaleikum” means “Peace be upon you” in the Arabic language.

Very surprised. She had never seen anyone who looked like that before.

Historical and cultural context

This might be what the house looked like:

Here's the thing: Dee had intellectual intelligence, and her mother and sister had practical intelligence.

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