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Here's the thing: Dee had intellectual intelligence, and her mother and sister had practical intelligence.

They lived in Georgia, in the country, during segregation. There were no classes to take for Black girls to learn to be film stars.

Since Dee was book-smart and world-smart, she read and saw TV about a world different from the way she lived, and started hating the way she lived.

The mother is saying, you can dream all you want, but this is what I look like and what I do in my life.

This was back in the late 1960s, when television was working hard to create images of what people should want to be, want to do, want to have….

Maggie assumes everything has been easy, and therefore better, for her sister, but it's not necessarily true.

This really illustrates the difference between city and country living.

He had Jimmy Fallon's job a long time ago.


Check out and comment on “The Parable of the Lost Son”

Great text-text connection!

She's also trying to protect herself.

Remember that they have known each other since they were children…

The author isn't saying they should stop crying; it's what the authors of this other book were saying. Kendi is interpreting that for us.

Hailey is smart, but she uses her power for evil instead of good.

Yes. It's impossible to know if she intended to be racist. All we know is that it came across that way, and she needs to at least acknowledge that to Starr. The fact that she won't makes her even more wrong.

well, the man who shot him did NOT want equality. period.

Yes. An incredibly racist statement, intended to hurt Starr.

Great comparison!

Both kinds of fire – figurative, meaning, not a real fire, but a fiery, angry movement, and literal fire, since they burned so-called “witches” to death.

Can you explain to me what is ironic about this situation?


Good bad habits…is that like good trouble?

Yes. It is both larger than life, like a dream, and also terribly, frighteningly real.

In 1619, there were very few people who could read the Bible for themselves.

Bigly big.

Metacomet, a self-aware shooting star? I love it.

Yes. And to do that, we have to go back 600 years or so.

Definition of “smoker”

Malicious compliance.

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