• Why do Black males feel like they will only be successful in pro football? How can we help black males play pro football without getting hurt? Is playing Pro football worth risking your body as a black male?

  • Why do Black males feel like they will only be successful in pro football? How can we help black males play pro football without getting hurt? Is playing Pro football worth risking your body as a black m

  • Will theses counselors having to go back to school for this training?

  • You belive spending money on police while there trying to become an officer will help? So you belive the problem starts while there young officers. what if the problem starts after they become an officer.

  • Do you feel the newcomers are the only ones who need or resive 1 on 1 help?

  • Do you think that this message to trump will stop him from spending $16 billion to $ 25 billion per year on weapons? What will happen when someone trys to go to war with use and we haven’t made any new weapons or the new ones we have arent good anymore

  • You belive boycotts and protest in the workplace will help womens rights. Is this way women can address this problem?

  • The names of the videos I watched were  “Good & Bad Examples of Oral Presentation” and “Ted’s secret to great public speaking” (click on title for link).  Anderson wanted the viewers to understand that the gre


            Shakespeare is good to studied  now or in school today because it ties to real life situations and things that were going through today. Shakespeare’s play talked about othello “friend” Iago lied

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    To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


    Dear G

  • Dear: Jimmy
    I am showing you how much i liked your post, “Some teens use drugs because of self encouragement which means self motivation, or peer pressure. In an interview with a person who uses drugs who asked to be anonymous, the individual was asked: Why might teens use drugs?,” This made me think of teens at my school and how much they may…[Read more]

  • Dear Bereniz

    I am happy to see your post about Don’t be afraid to speak up !
    your image and title pulled me in because i have a friend who is researching the same topic and it was kinda cool to me.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Secondly, the way to help victims process the domestic violence that had happened in their lif…[Read more]

  • Dear Youth Voices Community,

    My name is Jerome, and  I’m a senior at Fremont high school. I feel like my research going good but it’s getting hard to find facts about the NFL I feel like everything his hidden


    Dear Youth Voices Community,

    My name is Jerome Pope Jr. I am a 12th grader at Fremont High School.

    The social inequity problem I am looking into is injuries in the NFL. The demographic group I am most

    • New York Times is a credible source because they are a generally reliable giver of news, also because they have a good mix of editorial columnists that have different opinions. Here’s what I found: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/10/us/how-race-plays-a-role-in-patients-pain-treatment.html

    • Dear Jerome,
      I am surprised by your post “Need help on my research about football injuries” because you state the NFL does have a lot of injuries between ages 21-30. You also say some races get different things when they get hurt. Different races get better help when they get injured. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Some might argue that some players get better help when they’re hurt” I think this is unfair because every player should be in the same treatment.Your post about NFL injuries reminds me of something that happened to me when i was playing football at my middle school and I got hit in the head and i got a concussion. When this happened I received the same treatment as everyone else. If I had been treated different from other players I would had felt like they don’t care about my health.
      Sincerely, Sergio

    • I play football to and when I get injured I get a different treatment than my team mate

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    Dear skylar:

    I am interested by your poem, “World question,” because i wanted to see what kinds of questions you had or have for the world.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “According to Stephen Emmott the biggest upcoming issue of our future generations are facing, pertaining to our planet would be over population.” I think t…[Read more]

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    Dear Ryan

    I am interested with your title , “ My Favorite word,” because I saw it and wanted to see what this was about. I thought it might be about a sus word or something so i clited it

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “My all time favorite word is family.” I think this is crazy because i thought it was about sus words a…[Read more]

  • Dear carmen
    I am surprised by your topic, “College Campuses Should be a Safe Place for Women
    ,” because you didn’t talk about men being safe on college campuses. I like the idea i just thought about men and women when i read your title.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Even when sexual assaults are reported, rapists often don’t…[Read more]

  • Dear Next President,
           My name is Jerome Pope Jr. I think you’ll be a great president for the US. I have a couple things I need to say. First, you should help the homeless get homes and jobs. The homele

  • I liked this article because it helped me find more information on my topic about Football injuries. This article had pictures and one video that helped me a lot because I get tired of reading.

    One sentence that

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      This article really caught my attention. The reason being is that, although I don’t play college football… Yet😉. I am currently in my senior year of high school football. I am on the smaller side though, and I have had my fair share of injuries, and I totally understand how intense the game can be. Many of my teammates have also had some severe head injuries, one notable one from getting hit in the head by a knee. So obviously playing with your head is not a good idea, it’s just hard to avoid in certain situations.

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