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  • Dear Pj, I am happy that I have read your post because it was cool and interesting. In the article, you said, “US education system we are essentially expecting kids to mimic the teachers rather than to just learn it.” I believe what your trying to say is that the system is making kids think that they are not smart because of how teachers are…Read More

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    Raising the Minimum Wage!

    In the article “Raising the Minimum Wage” I learned that government officials are considering raising the minimum wage. Currently, the minimum is $7.25 an hour which can be difficult to survive with this amount of money. Raising the minimum...

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    • Dear Jeremiah,
      I am impressed by your post “Raising the Minimum Wage!” because you mentioned how the minimum wage is $7.25 which I did not know. Also how people cannot afford to live off the minimum wage.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:  “In my opinion, I believe that we should raise the minimum wage because there is a lot of poor families that need to pay for bills and food. They cannot live off of minimum wage because they won’t be able to afford anything.” I have to fully agree with you because $7.25 is very little amount of money.
      Thanks for your amazing writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your topic was interesting as well as your choice of words!

  • Dear Andrea, your post is very helpful ¨Is raising the minimum wage the right decision¨ because it gives you reasons why the minimum wage should and should not be raised. It shows that it can hurt a lot of small businesses but ut also can help and provide for families. I believe that the minimum wage should be raised because all o these prices f…Read More

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    Social media is bad for the brain!

    In the article ¨ The Implementation of Social Media in school ¨ (McGraw Hill) I learned that social media could be bad for your mental health and your physical health. people could emotionally hurt themselves by posting pictures...

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    • Dear Jeremiah, I am shocked about you post of “social media is bad for the brain” because its hard seeing people and kids suffer what they go through when people bully them through the internet. Its sad how people are suffering from depression and anxiety.

      One of your sentence that stood out to me was, ” people are going to keep on getting these types of feelings because people think they can say whatever they want behind a screen and if it doesn’t affect them then either they don’t care or want to have fun bullying you because they think it’s all fun and games”. I think that that’s really sad what they go through, and doesn’t affect the other person.

      Thanks for your post Jeremiah. It was really interesting what you have put on your post looking forward to seeing more of your post.I would like for you to contionung of what you have been doing so people can understand,

    • Dear Jeremiah, I’m a little surprise about your post because it is true, but how people use to suffer and get hurt in social media. Is so bad seeing something in social media that affects your sensitivity, Is true that we all have different feelings, but people should have consideration at the time of posting something because it could hurt somebody, we need to check carefully at the time of posting a phrase or picture, in order to avoid hurting other people. One sentence that stands out for me is “I think this is not fixable unless the teenager doesn’t have a phone.”, this is something hard to get because of communication, everybody is having phones. I agree with you in your argument, is true, is incredible how easily we can get hurt now days. Thank your for writing and expressing your feelings.

    • Julio,
      Have you ever seen someone bullied in social media?

    • Dear Jeremiah, I agree with your post about “social media is bad for the brain” because social media can affect people today. Little comments from people can depend on how someone works and feels.. Depression is something that individuals face and struggle with.

      Something I wonder is if social media will ever become something positive to look at.

      Sincerely. Judith castro

  • Dear Brenda, I am impressed with your writing ” Russia and Ukraine” because it talks about how russia is starting to attack ukraine but these 2 states have allies that can join in any time such as us the United States. One sentence that stood out to me is ” Furthermore, since Ukraine is one of the United States’ allies, it can possibly cause P…Read More

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