• The most important thing about me is that I’m unique, I was born April 25th 2000 in a small town which is called San Jose de Ocoa in Dominican Republic. For the past couple of years I have been living in New York

    • I agree with you Jenniffer, I believe uniqueness is important for each person to have. Our differences are what make each of us ourselves. Its important that we don’t try to fill anyone else’s shoes and live the way we want.

    • I love how open your are about your story. When you say “I compare my life with the life of the immigrants in my community because we are here to work for a better future to give our kids what we did not have” it brings up an important conversation of how necessary immigrants are to America. Immigrants deserve equal opportunities as everyone else in the U.S. and shouldn’t have to work extra hard fr an equal lifestyle. Unfortunately, privilege will always exist, but it is crucial that change is made and immigrants like you are starting that change.

    • I like how you talked about the cultural diversity in your neighborhood, and how there are both differences and similarities in that. I appreciate how you are open about the experience of your immigration to the U.S., and discussed how your life changed when you moved to New York. You have big dreams for the future and have the drive to achieve them.

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