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  • I agree with your topic, ” How plastic is trashing the planet”, where plastic is a big issue, were is wasted everywhere and it doesn’t go away. something we can do is clean after ourselves and stop littering to help not only us but our world. Thank you for writing this was a very important topic we should all know of.

  • Dear, Karen in your post, “Can we save monarch butterflies?” I like how out of everything you choose a butterfly to talk about and how it can be effective. I didn’t know that butterflies were almost being extinct, which is very sad since they’re very beautiful. how they are dying because of climate change and how toxic life is getting for them.…Read More

  • Jennifer commented on the post, Drinking and driving

    Dear Edith,

    I totally agree with your post ” Drinking and driving” because people don’t understand how effectively this affects the world, people die because of this, and that is not okay people die because of someone’s fault, no one should have to go through this, just because someone wants to have fun this is very dangerous. Many drunk…Read More

  • Dear, Patricia, I agreed so much with your post, “Reduce the use of Plastic straws” because straws are very replaceable we should buy eco-friendly straws were they are made from bamboo, glass, silicone, and stainless were it can be reuseable help prevent plastic in our oceans and prevent any animal, especially the ocean. To help protect not only…Read More

  • I agree with you Karen that driving and being on our phones can be very harmful because can cause many accidents. Also how it’s very harmful how many teens still refuse to put down their phones, I hope people can be better.

    Jennifer Zavala

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