• Dear, Melody I really like your box because it’s really creative. I agree with you that family is everything and I much love you have for your family. Also we both Latina ayy lit.

  • I have chosen to include an El Salvador flag because I’m proud of being Salvadoran as my Ethnicity even though my Nationality is American. I decided to put both flags on the bottom because they have both a

    • I love love love how you know the difference between ethnicity and nationality. It’s something that most people don’t understand and have it very confused which is understandable but it’s amazing that you know.I agree that being a female of color comes with struggles. I agree identity as xicana a term that is growing in population but its still not that liked people or some people just believe i’m being extra for not calling myself hispanic or latinx like i’m “supposed” too. The lights ideology really made me smile. Yes, their is always some light even when you see mostly darkness and i’m glad to hear you have support. Value that because it’s truly important for those dark moments.

    • Dear jenny
      my name is melody, I am a freshman and currently attend life academy. I really enjoyed reading your shadow box statement. there were lines in your article that I felt I could connect to. when you stated that, The” two people who helped me the most were Grady and Melody, my two best friends. Also, my sister” because the two people that supported me were Jennifer, Grady and my sister. I cant wait to see what you post next.
      best, melody

      • Dear Melody,
        I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my shadow box and that you can connect it to your life. For future comments please make sure to capitalize and read over your work thanks.


    • Thank you Reyna I really appreciate the comment you left. I don’t think you are extra for not calling herself hispanic or latinx like you suppose to. You get to decided on how you want to identify yourself. I don’t be nosy but I wonder why you don’t call yourself hispanic? If you are comfortable sharing why I would really appreciate. Also I really appreciate you saying that I know the difference between ethnicity and nationality because there are so many people who don’t. Thank you Reyna.

    • hi my name is daniel i like how you put both flags on your shadow box in how you go to the musem

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I am feeling really connected with your writing, “Jennifer shadow box” because even if I’m not Salvadorian, I get affected too just by being Hispanic. Now that I see that I’m not the only one makes me feel connected towards others. One part of your writing that stands out for me is where you talked about being born here but people assume that you aren’t. I think this is a very good point to put because a lot of people assume different things, just because the way you look, where your roots come from, how you talk etc. Another part that I liked is where you talk about having a really hard time and that your two friends and sister helped you. This stood out for me because all the people I know go through that too, and get help from the people who knows them the most. Your writing reminds me of something that I made once. One time I got to say that I’m dangerous because I am Mexican and people from Mexico kills people. Also been told that all Mexicans bring drugs, it was said of President Donald Trump. I know that being other than whites with privilege we as a community have to stand up together and help each other and make these stereotypes go away. I just want to say thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you do next, because I feel that you’ll make a change and help others who are going through the same thing as you get to have a better life.

  • Dear Olga,
    I do agree with you on it’s unfair that low income people are not treated the same as high income people. One reason I say this is because it makes me sad when I see low income people struggle so much that they can’t even provide food on the table anymore. I also agree on you on people of color supporting instead of representing. I rea…[Read more]

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