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  • Dear Kelly and Ivy,
    I am so happy about your post, “Fighting Body Standards,” because body image is something everyone secretly looks into. This is so important to remind ourselves how we are amazing the way we are. Two sentences that really stood out to me is, “We are writing to you because you can change the set beauty standards and stop…Read More

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    Jennifer commented on the post, Open Your Eyes

    Dear Flynn,
    I am so intrigued by your poem, “Open Your Eyes” because of your point of view to talk about these serious topics. I like how you help people think about what going on in this world. One sentence you wrote that really stood out to me is, “Open your eyes and see the eight countries where children are forced to serve as child…Read More

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    Jennifer commented on the post, Crafting Abstract Art

    Dear Matthew,
    I am very astonished by the medication you have about art in your post, “Crafting Abstract Art,” because art is one of the ways to be able to express yourself. I am glad you able to see this a biased view from people you like this to people who don’t understand it.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for…Read More

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    Jennifer commented on the post, Blossoming Genius

    Dear Kate,
    I am thrilled by your post, “Blossoming Genius,” because it was very interesting to find out about these symbols that flowers had and their history to it as well. It was great to know that flowers had many uses for both mental and physical health.
    One sentence that stood out to me is: “Over the years there…Read More

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