• He was jail and I was scared. What would happened? Am I not going to see him again?

    • Dear Jennifer, I am so sorry you had to go through this I know the feeling of being scared because someone you love and care about has been incarcerated. I really like the graphic weight you used.

  • “Passengers to Dominican Republic now Boarding”

    Those are the words that made me more excited.

    We have been in Miami for a couple hours now,

    But it was time to leave.

    It was time to start a new adv

    • Dear Jennifer,
      Your poem was very enjoyable to read. The way that you described the land and your views made me feel like I was there with you on that trip. You described it as a life changing experience which made me guess that your poem was about identity and love. You found yourself in your trip and there was a lot of love, whether it meant you loved the trip or you loved the people and the company. I look forward to reading more of your pieces.

  • Hey Aida,

    I love how you wrote this in a form of a poem & how you choose a word that is unique, something that you do not hear about very often. While reading this I felt like I was talking to you directly because we have talked about this before. We have talked about how you do not trust a lot of people and hoe you are scare about this…[Read more]

  • Dear Yadira,

    While reading your poem, the flashbacks of all the times I have seen you go to the health clinic came back. I remember when the phone would ring and the whole class knew that it most likely was for you to leave class but the thing that most likely no one knew was why you were leaving. Why you had to leave class everyday for the…[Read more]

  • We live in a world full of negativity

    It’s hard to find real people

    People that are there for you and actually want to see you succeed


    That’s why I’m supportive as hell


    I know what it is l

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I love your poem it had a lot of emotions. It actually describes you, even though I known you for a while I never thought you were the supportive kind. I always believed that you were kind and smart. It might have been hard on you when no one was there for you. I feel you. But I would be the opposite from you. I liked the part of “I don’t want no one feeling alone, I listen to people, I give them advice, I push them to do better, To be strong.” It brings strength to me when you said it. It gave me hope that I can count on you when I need help. Your poem reminds me of when I was little and I would people. I would like to see more pieces of your writing and thank you for writing this piece. Write more it shows your emotions

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I am showing love while reading this poem because you told us a story of why you do this. I mean you tell us the reason why you are very supportive. I really liked how you explained yourself. I hope to read more, this is really great!!

    • Dear jenny
      love your poem. Not gonna lie you actually got me seeing the real world and seeing the society we live in so much clearer. I love how supportive you are as well. keep writing loved this poem and hope to see more.

    • Dear Jenns,
      I love this poem. Sometimes I’m scared and I think to myself “Do I really have friends”? It’s hard to find people who want you to succeed because this world is so cruel but I’m glad that you keep that positive attitude and decide to helps others face things that have happened to you.

  • I love your name memoir! How you express yourself and represented it. I also love how you made it like a poem and repeated somethings over again. Good Job!

  • I can relate to somethings about the expressions and problems. I really like how you express yourself through this name memoir Lupe!

  • It’s more than just a last name. It is a big part of what forms me. I do not mean as a person but my roots, my culture, my background, my family, my traditions…my legacy they all make me up. Most of the time w

    • I can connect to last sentence of your memoir because it’s something I have to deal with everyday! I love your last name memoir!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I found your last name memoir to be very interesting. A person’s last name is something that a lot of people don’t realize is so important. It can say so much about a person in just one word or two. I especially enjoyed the part in your memoir where you talk about how you can decide how you see your last name and that you ca make it into a legacy.

    • Hi Jennifer, very interesting topic. I love how unique your last name is and how proudly you wear it. I also have a last name very few people share so it is easily recognizable. As such, I understand what you mean when you say, “Not only do I carry a history with me because of my last name but I also have to be a good figure to the world and the people around me.” There are no truer words. Some people don’t think about the impact their decisions make on the world and their family due to their last name. If you would like to learn more on this topic, I suggest you take a look at this article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/looking-in-the-cultural-mirror/201103/what-do-names-tell-us-part-ii-last-names. I look more from you on this topic in the future and wish you all the best!

    • Hi Jennifer!
      I loved your post. It was so personal and gave me an insight into your life and what makes you who you are. People put a lot of emphasis on the importance of a name, and it’s for good reason. When people talk about making a name out of yourself, they refer to the connotations your name carries based on how you represent it. Your last name ties you to your culture, your family, your story, your legacy. When you rep your last name well, you are bringing glory to your family name and doing it for not only yourself but the past and future generations, which carries great importance. Thank you for this post, I really enjoyed it.

    • Jennifer,
      I am glad that you accept and honor what you have came from. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/19/the-importance-of-a-name/?utm_term=.c37c81db7e34 Just like others have said in this article, names are important to all of us and give us special identity. It is crucial we get respect for it. But why do you think people would not respect it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I loved your post about your last name ! I find it super interesting how you chose to write about your last name. I noticed you wrote ” Your name is your first impression verbally, with that people will automatically stereotype you in a good or bad way”. I thought that the way you included that into this post was such an intriguing point of view because I had not thought of it that way. I totally agree with you, this is the first instance in which someone associate’s your name with the thought of who you are as a person. Thank you for taking your time and writing this post, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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