• I love your name memoir! How you express yourself and represented it. I also love how you made it like a poem and repeated somethings over again. Good Job!

  • I can relate to somethings about the expressions and problems. I really like how you express yourself through this name memoir Lupe!

  • It’s more than just a last name. It is a big part of what forms me. I do not mean as a person but my roots, my culture, my background, my family, my traditions…my legacy they all make me up. Most of the time w

    • I can connect to last sentence of your memoir because it’s something I have to deal with everyday! I love your last name memoir!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I found your last name memoir to be very interesting. A person’s last name is something that a lot of people don’t realize is so important. It can say so much about a person in just one word or two. I especially enjoyed the part in your memoir where you talk about how you can decide how you see your last name and that you ca make it into a legacy.

    • Hi Jennifer, very interesting topic. I love how unique your last name is and how proudly you wear it. I also have a last name very few people share so it is easily recognizable. As such, I understand what you mean when you say, “Not only do I carry a history with me because of my last name but I also have to be a good figure to the world and the people around me.” There are no truer words. Some people don’t think about the impact their decisions make on the world and their family due to their last name. If you would like to learn more on this topic, I suggest you take a look at this article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/looking-in-the-cultural-mirror/201103/what-do-names-tell-us-part-ii-last-names. I look more from you on this topic in the future and wish you all the best!

    • Hi Jennifer!
      I loved your post. It was so personal and gave me an insight into your life and what makes you who you are. People put a lot of emphasis on the importance of a name, and it’s for good reason. When people talk about making a name out of yourself, they refer to the connotations your name carries based on how you represent it. Your last name ties you to your culture, your family, your story, your legacy. When you rep your last name well, you are bringing glory to your family name and doing it for not only yourself but the past and future generations, which carries great importance. Thank you for this post, I really enjoyed it.

    • Jennifer,
      I am glad that you accept and honor what you have came from. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/19/the-importance-of-a-name/?utm_term=.c37c81db7e34 Just like others have said in this article, names are important to all of us and give us special identity. It is crucial we get respect for it. But why do you think people would not respect it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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