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New Vaccination Group

In the article, “Vaccines for Kidns Under FIve” by McGraw Hill it explains how childred from 6 months to five will be able to get the vaccine. It took them longer to find the right amount of the age group and which dosage they will be receiving. They will be allowed to get vaccinated as early as the end of […]

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Cars That Can Possibly Stop Drunk Driving

In the article, “Cars That Stop Drunking Driving” (McGraw Hills) I learned that during Biden’s infrastructure there was a demand for U.S. automakers to find a way to stop drunk people from driving. Because of this idea there has been a debate if this is the best solution. Many say it is because it would decrease deaths, protect the lives […]

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The Man Who Lied To the Government

In the article, “Georgia Man Spends COVID Relief Money on Pokémon Card” (McGraw Hill), Vinath Oudomsine decided that he would create a business that never existed to receive money from the government (July 2020). Many business were being affected by COVID especially the small businesses which is why the government created the COVID relief aid from the Economic Injury Disaster Loans. On […]

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What Is The Country That Is Committed To Reducing Plastic Next Step?

In the article, “France Bans Plastic Packaging” (McGraw Hill), France will start to use either reusable or recyclable materials to package fruits and vegetables. This will take affect on January 2022 and although some are against it, many don’t know if the switch between plastic to reusable or recyclable materials will be made by January. Another thing that they will […]

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Removal of Confederate General Robert E. Lee Statue

On September 8, 2021, the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from Richmond, Virginia. The removal of the statue was called on June 2020 after what occurred to George Floyd. There were already some statues that were removed in Richmond before (Confederate Statue Removed from Virginia Capital, McGraw Hill). If the death of George Floyd never occurred […]

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How Did COVID Affect Children’s Hospitals?

In the article, “Children’s Hospitals in Crisis” (McGrill) it’s informing people that COVID didn’t just affect adults, business, schools, but it also affected the hospitals for children. People know that hospitals were affected the most but they don’t know how badly the children hospitals were afffected. The situation was bad to the point were 220 hospitals had to send a […]

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In Honor of 9/11

In “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” (McGrill) mentions the ways that New York and people honor 9/11. The terrorist group al-Qaeda hijacked four planes, two of which were from Boston to Los Angeles. These two planes would be the ones that would crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and cause the towers to collapse. The third […]

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New School Year: COVID Requirements in Californina for Staff Members

As the new school year is starting schools in California both private and public are mandating mask wearing. By October 15, 2021, staff members are going to be required to be fully vaccinated or they can get testes weekly (for grades K-12). The two largest teachers’ unions and Dr. Anthoy Fauci both support the new requirement. The requirement would affect […]

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