• Dear Maria,
    I thought that your blog was very inspirational and that it was very meaningful as well. I can tell how much this topic meant to you tis’ very good 🙂
    from, jennifer

  • Jennifer Duran-Salcedo

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    With Trump as our President many U.S. citizens might be being brainwashed about Deportation. For example one might now

    • Dear jennifer

      This is Kanika one sentence that you wrote that stood out with me was when you stated “This proves that people who work for deportation are racially making assumptions about people of color and making them feel like criminals for trying to have a better life.” I totally agree because a high population of people in the U.S say that America is a place to make your dreams come ture and that only thing immigrants want to do is live comfortable, safe, and have their kids grow up and become something in life. So for the government to try to the immigrants deported I feel that it unfair and it's only because there people of color, also because they think that immigrants are not on their level like there better than immigrants. I really appreciate that you took your time out to express yourself to the world because a lot of people can't share how they feel because they’re scared of what the world would say but not you.

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I totally agree with your idea when or yuor text it says “With immigration they dead ass only go for Hispanic people you rarely see another race being pulled over by immigration”(Bedoya). How the fact that they come to the united states to have a future and just that they die or make then not feel safe that us latinos or just people who come to the united states without documents here just to have a better future with our families.

    • Dear, Jennifer:
      I am for with your post “The Deportation Issue” because you cover things that are happening in the world but no one pays attention to them at all. You also state how people are being brainwashed. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is,”In conclusion Deportation separates families and makes racist assumptions about people of color” I think this is very true because the people see this then start assuming things about people of color, they start wanting to label and separate these immigrants.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you touch on really important topics that are eye openers.
      – Lizbeth Alvarado

    • Dear Jeniffer,
      I agree with your post “The deportation issue,” because immigration seems to be not doing its job how its supposed to. I mean when they deport someone they should really go towards those that have a bad record for example people that smuggle drugs, gang related, raped, or abused there partner.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “This proves that people who work for deportation are racially making assumptions about people of color and making them feel like criminals for trying to have a better life.” I think this is a little true because when you hear the news about someone you don’t hear if there criminals or they had an order of deportation.
      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this topic was really interesting about your opinion. This was a really strong opinion but people do not see the difference between deportation and the reason.


    • Dear, Jennifer:
      I am very interested by your post “ The Deportation Issue” because you talk about how people are just getting deported because of their color. Theses people are not getting deported because of something they did, but because they are people of color. Which is not right. I like that you explain that the reason people come into the United states is so that their children have a better future. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “We need our government to stop criminalizing people of color and to start using their time to find people who could actually be harmful in our communities. Most people who enter this country are only here to supply for their families and are trying to live a better life.” I think this is interesting because many people know that you should not criminalize people of color if they didnt do anything bad, but the government doesn’t seem to listen or do anything about it. Thanks for your writings. I look forward to seeing what you write next because, you have good ideas to justify your arguments. Also you have sources to back up what you are saying which makes you credible.


    • Dear Jennifer Duran- Salcedo:
      I am admired with your post, “The Deportation Issue,” because NOT many people see the fact that by “keep citizens of the United States safe” is causing racist assumptions leading them to have second thoughts about these people being bad. As well as having to leave their kids behind due to “OUR” president.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is: “I would like to change the fact that people are getting criminalized for wanting a better life” I think this is agreeable because many immigrants came to the U.S. to give the kids a people life compared to the life their parents had in Mexico.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this is a current event that is happening to many people, and I believe that there should be someone that should speak for others just like your doing now.

      Lourdes Jaimes

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  • Hey, I wrote this poem to talk about my life experiences and to show how love doesn’t really matter and what does matter is family and how when they are gone it’s hard.

    WHY ME?

    by: Jennifer Duran

    Why me?



    • To Jennifer,
      Thanks for sharing your poetry on YV! I liked the way you tied together the story of Romeo and Juliet, with your personal experiences. I feel like most people can relate to your poem to some degree, and I think your writing really comes from the heart. However, I was slightly confused by your last two lines. What is to be or not to be, and why do you question it? Thank you for releasing your poem on YV, I enjoyed reading it.

    • I really like your poem i could tell that it came down deep inside you. People could relate to this because i feel like people have been through that. Nice job i really liked your poem.

    • Hey, My name is Jocelyn and I am really impressed by your poem. I really liked the part where you said “Waking up every morning feeling like shit depressed as fuck asking myself why the fuck did I have to wake up again then walk into school into humanities and put on that fake smile and say yea “I’m fine”. “ I really felt that because I be feeling like that at times but never give up shit I know it gets hard but you gotta keep your beautiful head up no matter what you going through. I’m really sorry your cousin committed suicide. My cousin recently passed away because of cancer and all tell you myself it’s hard asf to say your “Fine” when in reality you feel sad and dead. Head up if anything i’m here much love.

      Sincerely, Jocelyn Figueroa

  • Dear Khalid,

    Oh my lord this is so great! I really like how you talk about your counter and dominant narratives and how you talked about how you feel when people make assumptions about you and how racist people can be. I really thought this was a really good summary. GOOD JOB BBY!!!!

    from, jennifer

  •              The shadow box that I have created represents my life. In other words, it represents the life that I have and counter narratives that I have that people don’t know of. For example, in my shadow b

    • Dear Jennifer
      This is a very good source because it shows how the shade box is very useful .

    • Dear jennifer
      I love how shadow boxes are very special to you and it help you prove proof people wrong.Also, I like how you have thing inside your box from people that empire you. I also, like shadow boxes like you do for similar reasons. – America Diaz

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