• Jennifer commented on the post, Don’t Judge Me 3 weeks ago

    Dear Khalid,

    Oh my lord this is so great! I really like how you talk about your counter and dominant narratives and how you talked about how you feel when people make assumptions about you and how racist people can be. I really thought this was a really good summary. GOOD JOB BBY!!!!

    from, jennifer

  •              The shadow box that I have created represents my life. In other words, it represents the life that I have and counter narratives that I have that people don’t know of. For example, in my shadow b

    • Jalen replied 1 month ago

      Dear Jennifer
      This is a very good source because it shows how the shade box is very useful .

    • Dear jennifer
      I love how shadow boxes are very special to you and it help you prove proof people wrong.Also, I like how you have thing inside your box from people that empire you. I also, like shadow boxes like you do for similar reasons. – America Diaz

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