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The Mendez Family

Jennifer – Portfolio

I agree the soldiers must have felt upset that things were still unequal.

I agree with you the impact it had was really good

It nice to know that they had a part in changing people's perspectives.

I liked how it caused a ripple effect and other Mexican Americans filed lawsuits

I agree with you it was very brave of them to fight for their rights.

I agree with you it was obvious that they didn't want them in the school and discriminating them.

I'm glad that the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and also glad that he saw how wrong it was for the superintendent to say the things he said.

It's sad how the superintendent thought that of them because of their skin tone/ race.

I agree it's not cool how they thought it was right to basically take away their human rights.

I agree with you that it was a very bold move to decide to fight and it's good that they want to fight for their children.

I find it unfair how they weren't allowed in places and could only go to certain places on specific days.

I liked how the Mendez family continued to fight for not just their family but for many other families

I dont understand why they think less of Mexicans it's like they are trying to keep them in a box.

I agree with you it is surprising and sad to think that Mexican kids were treated like they were less

I agree with you just because their skin tones are different it shouldn't affect whether they let them in the school or not.

It's not right that Mexicans were excluded from many places

Sweatshops help some people who are only able to make less than one dollar.

instead of going against sweatshops, people should help promote them for poor countries.

They tried paying people decent labor standards and wages but the more some people got the more they wanted.

Poorer nations dont have as many sweatshops as ones that have reliable ports and electricity.

He believes that sweatshops aren't the bottom.

The poorest countries dont have the problem that the sweatshop are exploiting too many people they have the problem that they aren't exploiting enough.

Parents want better for their children they want their children to work in less dangerous places.

Many people rather work in sweatshops because they see it as a way out of poverty.

The environment is very dangerous.

Who’s Responsible?

Organizations are trying to help make sure workers work in safe environments.

The brands need to take responsibility instead of putting the blame on other people.

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