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  • Hi Katie! Your writing perfectly describes the effect of social media. I think that so many young kids don’t realize the things social media subconsciously affects. I think that what’s worse than teens being on social media is children being on social media. Social media has so many different things on it that are in no way good for children to be…Read More

  • Hi Ariana! I really liked your writing and way of stating we should have stricter gun laws. I also agree that we need to have stricter gun laws. I think that if they made the age higher it would help. I also think that if we had people take a psychological evaluation or test to see if there mental health is in the right place would also help in…Read More

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    A White Man's World

    In order to talk about American beliefs and values we must look at all of American history and our own future and take it all into consideration. America was founded and built for the average white man. From the...

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    • I liked that your article included great details about not just racial discrimination, but gender discrimination too. Recently, George Floyd was choked by a police officer after being accused of robbery. Despite his pleading, the police officer continuously used force to control him. What is even more outrageous is that the officer, Derek Chauvin, was released from jail after paying the bail. The BLM movement was a major step towards ending all sorts of racism, but police violence and discrimination continues in America. Also, women have been discriminated against due to several prejudices that were set against them. For example, men are expected to excel at athletic activities, while women should be more efficient in “calmer” activities.

    • Jenna,

      I thought that your post was very interesting to read and is especially relevant to what’s going on in the world today, specifically in America. I like how you used the Constitution as your main point of reference, as well as other events in history that directly discussed injustice, both of race and gender. I recently learned about the Constitution and some of the events you mentioned in my Government class. I especially like your discussion on the Jim Crow laws and the commentary you gave in regards to them. You said that these laws primarily benefited white people and that they have never felt the fear that people of color have felt while living in America. I completely agree with your statements and view, and I think that what you said has proven to be evident, especially today.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I enjoyed your discussion on this topic.

    • I really love your post. People tend to not want to talk about it because it really is a difficult topic to talk about because people are sensitive. But you had great points, it’s ironic that people go around saying equality when in reality there’s only certain people who really are benefiting even tho it says that all men are created equal. My favorite part of what you said was when you brought up how slaves are free but not. Anyone of color faces discrimination and hatred. No one gets it till it happens and till it happens to you, you can’t say nothing about it. Till you have someone slowly walk by you and stare at you with hatred in their eyes while all you’re doing is just standing there, you can not say that it isn’t there. To be honest so do women too which you also brought up and honestly from personal experience it’s the worst thing to feel. It makes you feel so uncomfortable to even be yourself. It may be a hard topic to talk about but people need to bring up that there are things that need to change or at least be talked about at most. At least have progress. People like to say there is progress and yes there has been some but no one likes to talk about how there really could be so much more. I’m glad someone has enough courage to write about.

    • Dear Jenna,
      I found your post very interesting because it states facts that are a controversial topic to talk about. It is important to educate people about the issues in America. I like that you bring up the constant discrimination that goes on in this country, not only racial but gender as well. Racial discrimination has been a major issue for a really long time in this country, yet changes have yet to be made. This country lives off equality only for the white rich men and continues to be sexist towards all women. Women and minorities are still fighting for their equality in this country. I look forward to your next post because you state factual evidence to support your claim. Thank you.
      Kayla Castillo

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    I think this is a really interesting topic. I think so many young people go on social media’s such as Instagram or Twitter and see all these fake photos. It sets unrealistic wants for young people. I think it creates self-esteem issues and low confidence issues. I feel that if people are going to post pictures that are photo shopped so drastically…Read More



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