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  • Dear Elyssa,
    I love this article! I really just love any topic that has to do with any art whether it’s photography, painting, singing, acting, dancing, ect. I just love to read and learn new things about the subject. I have known for a while that art hasn’t been very popular to districts and that is very sad to think of. I myself love photography…[Read more]

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    Dear Malia,
    I am so happy with your post. I love to learn new things especially if it has to do with art whether it’s photography, music, paintings, etc. I have never heard of Angus McBean but when I went to go look at his work it took me by surprise at how unique and strange his art was. Although it may be a little strange I was intrigued by the…[Read more]

  • There is a lot of controversy with “A Day Without Immigrants” that happened on Thursday. My thoughts on this is that it really shouldn’t have happened. I understand that most immigrants are being greatly imp

    • Jenessa. I think you bring up a very important topic in today society. I agree that the immigrants should not have taken the day off work and school to get their point across. I think they needed a way to get their voices heard but I feel there’s much better ways to do it. So far rallying has not done much but they need to be looking for more impactful ways to combat Trump’s policies. I feel that when you said “America can function without immigrants” is a true statement but that would be taking away the lives of so many people that have children and families who need support. Yes it is possible for for our country to be run without immigrants but it is not ideal. We should be excepting of everyone that comes in and give everyone a fair chance at the American Dream.

    • Hi Jenessa! I like how you talk about your own views on the tactics used. I don’t really like the aspect of blowing off school, work, and other commitments either.

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    Dear Hannah,
    I think that it is so sad that this is happening in the world. I honestly didn’t know about Asia I usually hear about things like this in places like Africa, and Latin America. My trouble is thinking of a way to stop this. How can we do that? I know that people can easily raise awareness, but how do people actually make money too help…[Read more]

  • Dear Zahra,
    I really enjoyed reading your short story. I especially liked your intro to the story. When you said that there’s a brief remembrance between when you wake up and actually open your eyes I understand what your character is feeling. When you don’t remember what happened the day before, but, then again I always remember later on. I loved…[Read more]

  • Dear Ciara,
    You are correct NOTHING in this world ever last. Bad days, good days, okay days none of it last too long. But I don’t quite understand your motivation to write this poem. I don’t see a purpose for this poem other than someone being able to relate to it. Maybe that’s what you meant to do. I feel that you should have at least done…[Read more]

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    Dear Leslye,
    I liked your poem. I like your attitude towards you not caring about people and the way you describe yourself and how you view the world. I feel that people are to quick to judge when they see someone who is “mean looking.” I like your honesty when reading this I don’t feel like your fake. If I were too think of Manhattan though I…[Read more]

  • In the book Read Between the Lines a group of teenagers have very different lives and in order to understand each other they need to “read between the lines.” These kids are in their own world dealing with the

    • Jenessa, I have not read this book, but I definitely want to now. I can see how this book is super relatable for someone in high school and not quiet sure where they fit in. I think your summary and analysis of this book was well written. It was short and to the point, very well done!

    • Jenessa,
      I think this is such a cool concept to talk about. I think often in high school we get swept into the mentality that the status quo is all that should be expected, and this sounds like the kind of book that breaks down that state of thinking. Thank you so much for bringing this concept to this website, I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for this book.

    • I haven’t read this book,however it does sound very interesting to me. I am not a big reader, but being that I am more interested in reading materials that relate more to me, I could get through this with ease. I look forward to reading this book, I hope it’s as good as you made it sound!

    • Hi Jenessa,
      Rarely do I read book reviews, but this one has me wanting to read this book:) Kind of like the Breakfast Club, it interests me how this book challenges the status quo and makes us more aware of what we are privileged to have. Look forward to looking for this book.

    • Janessa,
      I wish you could tell me more but I guess I’ll just have to read the book myself! I think that this book has such a neat concept & I actually love the cover of the book, it’s quite funny! I think that many people have a preconceived idea of high school and popularity so I think this book would be very interesting to read the different perspectives. well done!

    • After reading this I am left wanting more. This is a unique and important topic that is often overlooked. The connection between everyone is there, and it just takes discovering it. I really liked this brief summary, and analysis and want to read the novel!

    • I like how when you give a summary you don’t give away too much of the book, but you tell just enough to hint that it is a good book. It sounds like it would have a good plot and it seems like a book I would be interested in.

  • Dear Daniela,
    I like reality T.V. shows but I feel that it can have a bad affect on girls, young girls mainly. For example most people on reality shows are very pretty, wear lots of makeup, and have a glamorous life. This I think, is putting girls down and making them want to look a certain way in order to become “somebody”. Most people don’t even…[Read more]

  • Dear Tevy,
    I agree with what you sate in your writing. Most girls these days look up to women who are much older and more physically mature than them. Girls as little as 10 are diagnosed with anorexia and it’s all because of the commercials, tv shows, magazines, etc. This is not just an issue for girls it’s also for guys. Guys suffer with self…[Read more]

  • Dear Angel,
    What I believe you should write about is that “All Lives Matter”. I understand that black lives matter, of course they do but Hispanic, White, Asian lives matter as well. If you want to argue that police especially white police are killing African Americans more than any other race I strongly disagree with that. Studies showed in 201…[Read more]

  • Dear Kevin,
    I like and agree with what you said in your post. You make a very valid point about abortion being wrong and inhumane. Your post was very well written and I appreciate someone who is willing to show their views about this difficult subject.

  • Dear Quest,
    I think that where you’re from is a good place to grow up. I like the description you gave of your life in Oakland. You said, “I am from Oakland. The place I have lived all my life. A city unlike any other. Where everyone is unique. I would have loved to grow up somewhere like that.

  • To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved written by Jenny Han, a good girl gets letters that are supposed to be confidentially sent to all the boys she’s ever loved. This creates a big problem when one is sent to one

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