• Jeimy
  • Jeimy posted in the group Book Club

    2 years, 3 months ago

    So far in the book El unico e incoparable Ivan is a gorilla the is getting discriminated Ivan has got used to being in his glass cage and misses his life in the jungle because in the circus he is only locked up and in the jungle he is free.

    • Hey Jeimy! your book sounds interesting to me because it looks like is about the freedom of animals.When I read your post it made me think about Why people have to lock up animals just for fun.One think iḿ wondering is if they going to let Ivan go to the jungle.
      • Hey, jeimy! Your book sounds interesting to me because it is about a gorilla that is only locked in a cage, when I read your publication, it made me think that all animals do not need to be in a cage and much less a glass cage is something very dangerous, One thing I wonder is why they discriminate against El Unico e incomparable Ivan?
        • Hey Jeimy ! Your book sounds really interesting to be because it is about the animal whose right is being abused. When I read your post it made me think that the animals have a right to live their life. One thing i am wondering is that how Ivan is being treated in the circus.



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