• Jeimy
  • Dear Karen,

    I am surprised by your post, “After The Fact: Jackie Robinson” because it mentions the other things Jackie did in his career. They were things I never even knew about such as his establishment of an African-American-owned bank.

    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “Robinson sadly passed away in 1972, at only 53 years…Read More

  • Jeimy wrote a new post

    Border Issues

    In the article "Border Issues" he talks about how The border between the United States and Mexico has become the most dangerous land migratory route in the world. At least 686 people died or disappeared in 2022 trying to...

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    • Querida Jeimy, tu publicacion me hizo pensar que los inmigrantes sufren mucho en las fronteras y en especial las personas de Mexico, también me hizo pensar que las rutas que toman las personas son muy peligrosas y es muy probable que mueran. Algo que me pregunto es porque los policías no dejan pasar a los inmigrantes.

      Atentamente, Yennifer

  • Dear Edith,

    I was very interested in the issue that is very common to see on the news and one of the worst things I believe society or the government doesn’t fix is banning alcohol or limiting drinks. One thing that you mentioned in your post that stood out to me is, “ I feel like not that many people take it seriously because it keeps on hap…Read More

  • Isabella R.-E.
  • Dear, Viridiana
    I am surprised about your post ¨Should voting be easy¨ because I agree with you I believe that’s a great idea, especially for those teenagers who want to vote and not only teenagers but as well the elderly since voting is already a big major step, I believe that they should make it as easy as possible so people can be sure of wha…Read More

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