Dear Irvin, I enjoyed reading your letter, and am impressed you are taking action for something that you believe in. I hope that you hear back from whoever you hope to reach at General Motors, and make sure to offer alternatives to fuel burning cars as mentioned above. Re read...

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American Means Eagles View Comment
  • @jc19043
  • February 27, 2019

Nathaniel, I thoroughly enjoyed reading you article "American Means Eagles". You have a gripping style of writing, that entices readers to continue on till the end. I especially like how you used the description of an Eagle as a parallel to the hard work and the initiative of the American...

Thank you Itzel, for a very interesting piece. The use of multiple outside sources are well synthesized into your argument and helped add supplementary points that made your writing very concise and intriguing. I agree with your points about really anything can be a distraction, and how there is...

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The open eye View Comment
  • @jc19043
  • November 29, 2018

Ajonea - I love this poem. The title caught my eye and I am so glad I clicked on it. Your analogy with the "open eye" is remarkable and this poem really shows how a few words can speak a thousand truths. I especially like how you ended your poem...

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Respect View Comment
  • @jc19043
  • November 28, 2018

Britney, I really appreciated this article and enjoyed reading your perspective on the ideas of respect. I agree with your basic ideas of respecting people who give you respect, and think that this would build solid relationships founded on mutual respect between two people. I feel your article is blunt,...

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