• Dear Irvin,
    I enjoyed reading your letter, and am impressed you are taking action for something that you believe in. I hope that you hear back from whoever you hope to reach at General Motors, and make sure to offer alternatives to fuel burning cars as mentioned above. Re read and fix some grammatical errors and I’m sure this will be a very…[Read more]

  • In my previous examinations I have talked in the majority about how music affects areas in our brain, and how evolutionary advantages have lead to our intrigue in music. In this section I will examine the theory

  • Nathaniel,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading you article “American Means Eagles”. You have a gripping style of writing, that entices readers to continue on till the end. I especially like how you used the description of an Eagle as a parallel to the hard work and the initiative of the American people. Here is a historical account of how the Eagle…[Read more]

  • Thank you Itzel, for a very interesting piece. The use of multiple outside sources are well synthesized into your argument and helped add supplementary points that made your writing very concise and intriguing. I agree with your points about really anything can be a distraction, and how there is no penalty for just hurting someones feelings.…[Read more]

  • Politics in the most recent decade have seen a stark and dramatic spike in political polarization. The divide continues to grow deeper and further separate Americans from common ground. Data obtained by the Pew

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    Ajonea –
    I love this poem. The title caught my eye and I am so glad I clicked on it. Your analogy with the “open eye” is remarkable and this poem really shows how a few words can speak a thousand truths. I especially like how you ended your poem with “The world kinda needs you”, it stands out from the rest of the poem and leaves the reader with a…[Read more]

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    I really appreciated this article and enjoyed reading your perspective on the ideas of respect. I agree with your basic ideas of respecting people who give you respect, and think that this would build solid relationships founded on mutual respect between two people. I feel your article is blunt, but honest and I respect that. I hope to…[Read more]

  • Proposition 2 was presented in this years ballot to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the state of Utah. Should Proposition 2 pass medical marijuana will be made available to citizens with qualifying

    • This work was very intriguing to read. I was surprised at the facts you gave. Are you in support of or against prop 2? Good work!

  • Thanks for the article Ruby, Vaccinating is an interesting topic not just because of the debate, but also due to it’s necessity in playing a larger role for the safety of the general public. An extremely interesting piece information you included above is the statistic about adverse effects of vaccinations being less likely than being struck by…[Read more]

  • Jean Carlos,

    Thank you for taking the time to tackle such a pressing, yet seldom talked about issue. Even since when I was born I feel that I have seen an increase in depression among many people our age, and its a problem with few answers. Where I am in Utah the depression rate is far higher than the national average and this is actually…[Read more]

  • Natalia,

    This sounds like a gripping book and I like how you stated your point about being able to appreciate the challenge and skill in the sport without personal experience. Being able to appreciate the passions of others without having the experiences of them, is a valuable life skill and is a respectable trait. I’m glad you enjoyed the book…[Read more]

  • Jack,

    This is a very well written out paragraph that addresses many interesting ideas, but I like the main theme of freedom of speech that you present. Americans can tend to be very polarized on different ideas, but in general I agree with what you’re saying that the only thing we agree on is to disagree. There’s no problem with this as long as…[Read more]

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    I really like your shadow box! I too play soccer and know how it is a big part of your life. I like the medal and other soccer related items but I also really like the quote you added in the bottom corner about persevering through difficult life situations. The attitude of instead of “Why me” but “Try me” is smart and I will remember that…[Read more]

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    These ideas are extremely thought provoking, Its one of those things you think about at night and it keeps you up. I liked your ideas and writing more than just surface level ideas. Obviously everyone is gonna have different outlooks on why they are here in this time, your ideas on predetermination were also interesting. I hope to hear…[Read more]

  • Hailey,
    There are many different viewpoints on this article and it is an interesting debate. However I disagree with how you have built your argument, the first statement of school shootings “increasing in popularity” was immediately off putting for the simple reason that the word “popularity” should never be acomponied with such a tragedy. Also…[Read more]

  • Hi Sophie, this was a great topic to choose and is a very important issue in our country right now. Healthcare is a very difficult issue to approach without offending both sides of the isle, and I think you have some good points such as getting rid of copayments. Copayments are a start but there’s much more that goes into healthcare availability…[Read more]

  • You addressed the issue in a quick and concise manner that shows a plethora of valid points. However the opposing ideals of the death penalty are not presented.

  • In the past decade or so environmental issues have been put under a microscope by a population that isn’t just aware, but educated on the issue. As trash continues to grow and swell in our ocean, people have b

    • I enjoyed your essay, and felt you used good resources

    • Estimado james
      Creo que estoy de acuerdo con el tema que mostraste su poema es sobre un tema de la que si me interesa sobre la contaminacion del plastico y la sobre utilización de botellas de plástico que se usan mas de 1500 botellas de plástico por segundo que daña al mundo por no ser biodegradable y alos animales la imagen sobre su tema es exactamente la adecuada y el título ban botella de agua está completamente relacionado con el tema porque el demasiado uso de botellas para cualquier tipo de bebida es dañino para todos una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es (Hay cerca de 50 mil millones de botellas de plástico que se consumen cada año) nosotros mismos debemos hacer el cambio para reducir el uso de botellas de plástico porque hace daño a los animales gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque tú escribes sobre la realidad la realidad que estamos viviendo hoy en dia espero volver aver algún otro de tus poemas y tus pensamientos sigue asi.

      Alejandro Maciel Magana

    • Great job on the post James. You did a good job at providing factual evidence for the issue and using scientific understanding to further add to your point. You bring up reasons that I did not previously know like the plastics in the bottles being endocrine system disrupters. I have to agree that legislation is probably required because as much as people want to support this issue, mass amounts of people are still numb to the problem of plastic bottles. Overall, good use of fact based evidence and incorporation of the scientific reasoning behind the issue of plastic water bottles.

    • James you brought up some great points, water bottle consumption will probably not go down unless some legislation is passed. I kinda already knew plastic bottles didn’t biodegrade but I didn’t know they photodegrade (or what photodegradation was) before reading this post. If legislation is passed to cut down on plastic usage through a water bottle ban pollution should greatly go down (and people would have more money in their wallets) so the pros seem to greatly outway the cons.

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