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    Dear Charissa,
    i enjoyed reading your biography. You were very open in this piece. When would you consider moving back to P.A?

  • I am Jaylin Santiago. I am a person who loves my friends and family and wouldn’t put anything above them. I was born on April 17th, 2004. Something that occurred that is extremely important to me is w

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    I remember to set my alarmI remember to wake upI remember to brush my teethI remember to take a shower and get dressedI remember to remember to have a good day and not let anything get in the way of that I

  • I am from the block from  Jordans to North face    i am from the park behind my buildingWith yellow slides to black swingsI am from sirens,delis and plantsI am from rice and beansFrom maduros to tostonesI am fro

  • Jaylin SantiagoPower of poetryBirthday May 19thName Alanis PadillaA milky caramel colorA sweater and jeans is her fit Long braids to her back Is her style, pretty with a nice smile14 with brains Bestie is her

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