• I wonder if I am the only person who disagrees with people having sexual intercourse with no strings attached. Sharon Olds’ poem “Sex Without Love’’  provokes this question. I am very happy to be reading a p

    • I really liked your article, great job! I found it fascinating. I liked how you connected the poem to your article in helping you answer the question you’ve been thinking about. But I do believe that people could have sex without love, we see it every day with people being drunk out of there minds and one night stands etc. But I also believe that of course eventually two people could catch feelings overtime. It just depends on the people and situation. here’s a website that goes more into detail that I think you would like. Great job! https://www.psychologytoday.com › blog › shrink-wrap › sex-without-love

  • Am I the only person that disagrees with people having sexual intercourse without any strings attached? In her poem, “Sex Without Love”, Sharon Olds asks the same question. She answers it by explaining her

  • In the 15th line of the last stanza, Olds in this line was basically just comparing how people love the pleasure but not the one actually causing this pleasure.  She writes, “love the priest instead of the go

  • This place is very nice. It’s good that you have a place that you an go to when you are upset or just to think. It is also very good that the park is open to everybody. As well as, it’s interesting how you go to the same park all the time.

  • I have lived near the East River for about 9-10 years. Depending on what building and window you are looking out of ,you can see how beautiful the view is. In the fall and winter it does become extremely cold

  • Dear Chloe,
    You were very blessed and lucky to be able to go the concert, not only go to the concert but to also be able to sit as close as you were. What exactly was going through your head when he looked at you and smiled. i can relate to you when it comes to music.i don’t know how to play an instruments but the piano which i’m not very good…[Read more]

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    Dear Charissa,
    i enjoyed reading your biography. You were very open in this piece. When would you consider moving back to P.A?

  • I am Jaylin Santiago. I am a person who loves my friends and family and wouldn’t put anything above them. I was born on April 17th, 2004. Something that occurred that is extremely important to me is w

  • I remember to set my alarmI remember to wake upI remember to brush my teethI remember to take a shower and get dressedI remember to remember to have a good day and not let anything get in the way of that I

  • I am from the block from  Jordans to North face    i am from the park behind my buildingWith yellow slides to black swingsI am from sirens,delis and plantsI am from rice and beansFrom maduros to tostonesI am fro

  • Jaylin SantiagoPower of poetryBirthday May 19thName Alanis PadillaA milky caramel colorA sweater and jeans is her fit Long braids to her back Is her style, pretty with a nice smile14 with brains Bestie is her

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