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I Remember (Childhood)

I Remember (Quarantine)

Origin of Home

The red room


Sound Techniques

Literary Element

Not a care in the world

Mother has a different opinion.

A change of pace

Desiring more adventure.

I agree, Tish has understanding parents

Most likely out of shock

Tish and her dad have a special relationship

It’s seems like it’s awkward

This probably put a strain on their relationship and could cause issues in the future

Important person in her life.

Church days are friendly and light hearted, sundays are good days, maybe church has something to do with it?

Not Alonzo’s baby, he probably knows but still wants to support her.

The Elite: An Absorbing Book about Standing up for Those Mistreated and Overlooked

The twin

Religion wasn’t always a safe haven, or safe place to express yourself in a Christian dominated place

Baldwin speaks on how the worlds word influences young minds into thinking they are less, and that it is hard to live in a world where no one is equal.

I agree, I think this later lead into Baldwin’s doubt of his religion.

I think because it gives them sense of purpose in life or because it gives them hope and promise.

Baldwin most likely meant he became less religious or had doubts.

I think hatred stems from fear of being in the position some people put others in.

I think Baldwin leaves home Or his relationship with his father gets worse after his father slapped him for being friends with a Jewish person

Baldwin realizes that the Bible writes his destiny and he feels as if there’s no escaping it.

I think Baldwin feels connected to the church and it’s his second home.

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