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This is more of the reason why i find fonny innocent i dont think anybody would wanna lose a perfect real love relationship over some stupid rape charge.

i agree

Maybe she thinks that going to church could put some holy spirit on him to protect him and maybe she grew up in a family that believed church is mandatory

I think ms hunt has a mental issue or something because she doesnt like tish yet shes “smiling at her”

I dont see what fonnys trying to get at here but its probably something to do with his mother being a “sinner”

I agree thats not normal in the slightest.

i agree

I wonder if this will be a problem that affects their relationship.

i agree

This is a deep quote and its lowkey really true.

Im guessing this means he looks rough or beat up.

He shouldnt be in jail

I agree

This is exactly why I said why I think he’s innocent he doesn’t seem like the type to get locked up.Also I bet you they didn’t even see his full explanation of the situation.

This paragraph alone makes me feel as if Fonny is innocent because as you can see he’s respectful and he really loves tish and I don’t think he has to the heart to commit a crime knowing tish is pregnant

I dont agree with domestic violence never did and never will but i really truly believe that she deserved this hit it slapped sense into her.

Honestly i feel like its not that big of a deal because even if she is having a baby fonny and tish both are in love so they wont leave the baby the baby will make their relationship stronger.

I cant understand why Ms Hunt doesn't like Tish like clearly Fonny loves her and as a mother if your son thinks he found his lover you should respect that if you like it or not and you should at least try to find ways to like her.

To be honest when I heard Ms Hunt didnt like tish i thought the same would apply for frank but when he heard the news he was laughing and that was good to see he was excited.

The cop that arrested him claimed Fonny ran where the scene of where a girl got raped or sum but thats not enough evidence to lock someone up.

For anyone still wondering why shes drinking while shes pregnant I searched it up and the affects of doing so can result in your baby having abnormal facial features and growth and nervous system problems.

A new life as a mother your life changes after you have a kid its like a whole new chapter or “a new life”

So your pregnant drinking liquor? i just realized this.

Too be quite frank with you *no pun intended i think she deserved that slap thats no way to treat someones babt especially if that person us carrying your baby.

I dont really understand why Ms hunt doesn't like tish or think she isnt good enough for fonny but why is she being disrepectful to her and her baby like its one thing to not like someone but dont disrespect them.

It was made after

Frank is probably very down that his son is in prison and it sucks that fonny is most likely innocent

Tish's mom is about to tell everyone that Tish 3 months pregnant.

I was thinking the same thing and actually mentioned your question in my comment.

I was actually reading one of my classmates comments and i had the same question as them “why would he slap her and say all those bad comments to her?Also why is he calling himself the Lord?” it was really confusing and me and Ian had the same question.

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