• Thanks, Emma, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post. Quick question though do you think there is something I should work on or I would appreciate if you shared your opinions based on the story as well.

  • Orwell’s tone expressed in the book 1984 highlights symbolism and a Marxist perspective to show how through the eyes of Winston and Julia love for one another is giving them power over Big Brother.  For ex

    • Javier,
      This is really well written. I love how you discussed Julia and Winston’s relationship making Big Brother a much weaker force. The idea of love weakening Big Brother’s influence as this feared dictator is really powerful in the novel and you described it well.

      • Thanks, Emma, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post. Quick question though do you think there is something I should work on or I would appreciate if you shared your opinions based on the story as well.

  • Dear Alex,
    I’m interested in your post “The Fear Behind Phobias” because, I always wondered how and why people had fears of things that are likely never to happen. But because, of you and your source I finally understand. Lines like, “arise from a stressful or traumatic event that occurred in their childhood. Phobias can also be learnt from a…[Read more]

  • Dear Zoe,
    I am happy about your post “The Lower the Social Class, the Lower the Opportunities” because, I grew up and lived in the inner city and I really wasn’t exposed to scholarships or opportunities outside that would benefit me, until I made it to junior year of high school. And even now as a senior I still don’t know much about programs or…[Read more]

  • My name is Javier Valdes, I’m a Latino male from Oakland California.  When researching the Charlottesville protest I found that people are too scared to change and hold on to values from 50 years ago.  A pro

    • Dear : Javier
      I am interested with your post, “We all the same,” because People get treated differently based on the color of their skin and I like that you involved it.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Growing up in Oakland a city where the color ratio ranges from white to black you learn that everyone’s the same but people are treated differently. ” I think this is true because You could be profiled so easily just because they don’t know your background
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I had a football game somewhere in merced and after the game a parent from the other school said That me and my teammates were very professional and that he was surprised because we don’t fight or act ghetto. He said he didn’t expect that from kids from oakland.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because i relate to yours post

    • Hi Javier-
      I really liked your post. I am writing four months after the initial publication but I find these issues to still hold relevance. I, like you am hopeful for an America that is filled with equality and justice for all. As for now, let’s keep working together and hoping for a brighter future. http://law.emory.edu/ecgar/content/volume-4/issue-special/essays-interviews/interview-ahdieh-america-equal.html

  • My name is Javier Valdes,  my topic for the senior project is “How has poverty allowed fast food companies taking advantage of the poor”.   Following my research,  I discovered that,  fast food companies are pur

    • Javier V, I found your “Senior Project” research to be very compelling in how fast-food companies are selling cheap alternative food options to the poor at a low cost. I would also add that from your forbes source that “It allows quacks and drug companies to sell fake cures. And it blinds us to the real problems in food safety.” I would hold this point to be true a lot of people today put much of their faith to other people and it’s shown that people aren’t looking into what they are consuming. You would hear deals from fast companies promoting “Taco Tuesday” at TacoBell to make customers compelled to buying these foods. If you looking into an alternative solution to this problem, in order to fix poverty in the community there has to be a source of income and jobs for the people, if there’s not then it makes people buying poor food nutrition choices inevitable. To fix this I think if it’s possible by providing a local food bank that people can get food from. It’s a very tough and multi-layered problem, I’m happy you’re looking into this.

    • Javier this is a great research topic that I have no doubt you will find some interesting conclusions. I do agree that fast food companies have found an easy exploitation in poor neighborhoods where they have potential to make more money. However, I also think that this is just an unfortunate side affect to the prices of actually growing healthy food. Organic healthy food is by nature more expensive to produce and therefore it has to be sold at a higher price. This means that the poorer families aren’t going to be able to buy as much healthy food as junk food. I guess this is agreeing with your primary point, but I feel like it isn’t so much that the companies are, “exploiting the poor by providing cheaper alternatives than that of healthy foods,” but rather the unhealthier diets in poor neighborhoods is just an unfortunate affect of the food industry. Obviously you have the research and links to prove me wrong, this is just my personal opinion. My advice would be to keep finding new resources and maybe get further in depth into why the prices very and what they might be. I look forward to seeing what you find out. Good luck!

    • Hello Javier,
      I am really excited that you are taking this topic on! It has always been an extremely infuriating issue to me. Fast Food companies truly are manipulative. They are advertising towards the poor because they know that they have little to no money and that they will eat what the can afford. However, how is that fair that they can only afford to eat gross, unhealthy, disgusting foods? Food companies should strive to keep their clients healthy. That is their minimum responsibility. The people who consume and purchase these foods are indeed, I agree, falling into unhealthy eating habits. In the long run, this could end up killing them or leading to terrible chronic illness and diseases.

      Also, great job adding so many sources to backup your standpoint. I really enjoyed the Ted Talk element of your article. It was awesome to hear from other sources who also agree on the topic in the same way you and I do!

      Keep it up! I love what you have so far!

    • I think that you have a very good topic where you could make a good argument and possibly get these fast foot restraints out of your neighborhood. I agree that the fast food companies are targeting populations of lower income so they can easily make a profit in that neighborhood. I think you have a very good topic, keep with it and I hope you do well.

    • Hi Javier! This looks like a really good topic and is truly pressing in today’s society. I think you have a really good base but could go more in depth. What makes the fast food bad and unhealthy? What are the effects of this food on people physically and socially? What makes certain foods healthy? How do we change this (make healthier foods more affordable, educate people about their food choice, change fast food, etc.?)?
      I found these websites that you might find helpful https://www.healthline.com/health/fast-food-effects-on-body

      I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Javier, I believe you are really onto something with your research on the topic of how the fast food industries have taken advantage of the poor, and you have done a lot of work to support this claim. However, I feel that you should shift your attention onto how people with less income can find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also having enough money left in their budget. here is an article that expands on just that issue: http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20411572,00.html . Thank you for sharing this piece of writing with us and I look forward to seeing updates from you in the future.

    • Javier, I really like this topic. I’ve written something similar to it in the past. Here are some more things to consider. How can we resolve this issue? Why are healthy foods so much more expensive? This topic could also relate to GMO’s vs. organic foods. This is a world wide issue, and will continue to pose a challenge. You should look at the long term effects of poor dieting within poorer communities, and how that will inevitably effect the health and productivity of each individual.

      Here’s a link about how we can begin resolving this issue: https://letsmove.obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/make-healthy-food-affordable-and-accessible.

    • Javier, I really enjoyed reading your senior project paper. What you said about how fast food companies are more prominent in poorer communities was very eye opening and it made me think about how richer communities have their organic healthy food stores near them because those people can afford to buy those foods. I feel as though the fast food companies aren’t per say taking advantage of the poorer people because they food is cheaper since it is cheaper to manufacture. The healthier alternatives are more expensive to produce so that could explain why they would cost more and the poorer communities wouldn’t be able to afford them. Still though thus topic is very interesting and has so much truth to it.

    • Javier, this is a very important topic to bring attention to. Obesity seems to be an epidemic here in the U.S. and it is exactly for the many reasons that you listed, one of the most important being that the large chains of restaurants target the poor with “tasty” and cheap food that causes unhealthy eating habits. I am personally a strong advocate for healthy eating and I want to help and inspire those who are blinded by the dangers of unhealthy food. I have been raised in a healthy eating community, and it is very upsetting to see other people not eating the same quality of food that I have been treated to my whole life. All these genetically modified foods and hormone treated animals that are being used to make our food are one of the main reasons our society is so dramatically affected by cancer and illness. You found an article that stated that “healthy food is too expensive” and “the poor can’t afford it”, and I understand that people who live in suburban areas do not have easy access to a grocery store that supplies as many fruits and vegetables as metropolitan areas do, however doing a little bit of research and digging, one can find that there are several options of healthy food found in cans and store shelves. Take a look at this website that shows you that it is possible to buy healthy food on a budget.
      ( https://greatist.com/health/44-healthy-foods-under-1 )
      Overall, this is a well written piece and I am anticipating a final paper. This is a great topic for a senior project and I hope that this has an affect on your life and the life of people around you.

  • The original work of Jamaica Kincaid Girl can be found here.

    For this assignment, we were supposed to interpret Jamaica Kincaid’s work on “Girl.”

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