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  • JavierOCHS
  • dear Sebastian

    I am highly interested in your post, the ” American women Quarters program(2022) because this is very recent news, and the idea of having iconic people of different races and genders that shaped and inspired us not just through politics but as well as arts and acting and many other activities that made such an impact for people…Read More

  • Dear Frankey,

    I am surprised by your post “Voting should it be easy or hard” because i had no idea about the fact that states are making it hard to vote. I believe that voting should be easy as well since we would need all the votes we can get when it comes to making a big decision for the state.

    One quote that stands out to me was “voting is a…Read More

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    Javier wrote a new post

    Return what was taken...

    In the magazine "the new york times Upfront" there has been a report that there is a current and growing movement that is pushing museums to return stolen art and objects back to native cultures in Africa like...

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    Dear Gedi,

    I am informed by your post “The Effects of Student Debt” because I also believe that college debt can be such a problem when it comes to the student who needs to also take care of paying off rent on time and being able to put food on the table. one sentence that stands out to me is”Inflation also plays a big role in the amount of…Read More

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    Javier wrote a new post

    Teens should have the same amount of pay as adults

    In the article, "Is it Fair to Pay Teens Less than Adults?" (from Upfront, published on august 29th, 2022) it explains that due to supply chain problems and the lingering effects of covid 19 as the labor market...

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    • Dear Javier,
      I agree with your statement about your post, ” Teens should have the same amount of pay as adults” and how it is completely unfair that teens get paid less just because of their age. Their age should be something we should compare when we are doing the exact same thing as others but getting less payment because we don’t have the title of being an adult.

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was “let’s just say for example that you’re at the age of seventeen working and doing the same task as the 20-year old next to you but yet he “earns” way more money than you by the hour just because the 20-year old was legally considered as an adult and you weren’t.”I think this is crucial because that Is so very true to what you just stated. I don’t think that because we don’t have the title of being an adult” we should be paid less, it’s totally unfair.

      Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what your write next because I like the way you add questions to your posts. I also like the way how you argue which makes you seem like you know what you are doing.

      -Stefanie Figueroa

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