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    Study hard and never give up; always listen to your peers and teachers; obey their commands, don’t look for trouble but if trouble finds you defend yourself, never l

  • Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Javier Valdes Garcia I am a 16 year old student currently attending Fremont High School in Oakland California. Throughout my researching process on Charlottesville I learned

    • Dear Javier,
      I agree with you on everything you said! I also had to learn English when Spanish was my first language. I aso don’t like how some people get discriminated for who they are. Thank you for writing this. Im looking forward to what you write in the future.

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      Hi Javier!

      I love your opinions on the current situation of America, but I also have some suggestions to improve your writing and argument structure. Just from a grammar standpoint, make sure to proofread your writing for typos. Many of your sentences do not have a space at all after the period.

      Also, when you quote someone, only use quotation marks for direct quotes (if those are the exact words they used), and be sure to cite when/what it is from. Direct quotes look more professional, but if you do not use them, there is no need for quotation marks!

      About your claim regarding “fixing the government within itself,” I would try to specify what exactly you want fixed. Are you proposing the people evict politicians from their elected spots? Are you proposing that future leaders propose bills to their local politicians, or something else entirely?

      However, I love your insight and voice. Keep it up!

      A Michigan junior,

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