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    Tunnels discovered under US-Mexico Border!

    In The Article, “U.S. Uncovers Large Drug Tunnel at California-Mexico Border” (Green 2006) I have learned about the tunnels that are crossing the US-Mexico border underground. These tunnels have been used by Mexican Cartels to smuggle drugs, people, contraband,...

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  • Dear Israel,
    Your post made me think that Biden is doing very little on the border crisis. Migrant crossings and deportations have heavily increased since he took office. Something I wonder is why did this all start happening when he took office?

  • Dear Yahir,
    Your post made me think about guns and how most firearm owners are using weapons for protection. But some firearm owners are using them to shoot and it caused strict rules on firearms. Something I wonder is why are there so many shootings and why are guns being put to blame?
    Jason Sanchez

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    Title 42 nears end, with 10,000 crossings from migrants daily!

    In the article, “Border Crossings Top 10,000 Daily as Migrants Seek US Entry before Title 42 Ends.” (Cyprus Mail 2023) I have learned that many immigrants have started flocking to the United States border after hearing that Title 42...

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    • Dear Jason,
      Your post made me think of how it is important for immigrants to cross the border to the United States especially after Title 42 ending. It must be horrible for the millions of migrants that want to be able to come to the United States but can’t because of borders restricting them to do so. Something I wonder is how will border issues be resolved?

      Sincerely, Chloe Rodriguez

    • Dear Jason,’

      Your post made me think how there were so much people trying to leave to the US as soon as possible. It must of been very difficult to leave and get the help that they all needed. Something I wonder is if everyone was able to escape to the US like how they wanted to and if they all got the help they needed.

      Cameron Hernandez

    • Dear Jason,

      Your post made me think how there were so much people fleeing their home country to try and enter the US as soon as possible due to the Title 42. I know that it has to be very difficult to leave and while trying to get to the border they are going to need help there. Something I wonder is what kind of life d they make or themselves in the US that they couldn’t do in their home town.

      David Gutierrez

  • Dear Juan,
    Your post made me think that climate change is a very huge situation. Seeing that glaciers are starting to thaw early in their climate and the amount of carbon emissions being released is contributing to the rise of greenhouse gases really shows me how this is endangering our planet. Something I wonder is why are people continuing to…Read More

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