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    A Splitting Issue

    In the online article, “Broad Public Approval of New Gun Law, but Few Say It Will Do a Lot to Stem Gun Violence,”(Pew Research Center 2022) it discussed the situation of Americans being split on whether gun control will...

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    • Your post made me think about the situation the country is in about how gun control would help or not violence it brings to our nation.It also make me think about how you said that only educated people are most likely to vote on gun control. Something I wonder is are you for or against gun control ?

  • Dear Alejandro J.,
    Your post made me think about how people feel about gun violence. It brought to my attention that those that own a firearm feel safer. Something I wonder is, is there a good way to stop gun violence?

    Jason Ocegueda

  • Dear Yahir,
    Your post made me think about the views of the people on the opposite side of the gun control spectrum. It gives me insight on why people against gun control would be against it. They choose to oppose it as they believe that the gun laws would strip away their protection. Something I wonder is, is there a way to satisfy both sides of…Read More

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    Guns Laws Save Lives

    In the online article, “FACT SHEET: New Findings Continue to Show California’s Gun Safety Laws Work,”(Governor 2023) I learned that gun laws do in fact work and save people’s lives. It also mentions how The governor of California is...

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    • Your post made me think about the lives lost over the years due to the easy access people have to get guns.If there is a substantial amount of evidence that would prove adding these laws then we should continue to add more laws.Something I wonder is what is the others side opinion about these laws.

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