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    I adore your perspective on AI. Although you highlight AI’s various shortcomings, you also touch on its benefits and the novel experiences it can bring. I think that how AI affects individuals varies, both favorably and unfavorably. Although it can later impair your writing abilities, it is simple to rely on AI. However, I do believe there is a…Read More

  • I really enjoyed your discussion of the family dynamics in the Long Division. I think City is surrounded by a lot of loving and supportive people in the Long Division. Even when City behaved inappropriately on national television and embarrassed her, City’s grandmother showed him so much love when she first heard about him. I also enjoyed hearing…Read More

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    Women Mistreated historically

    We must all work together to combat the racial issues in society and create meaningful change. I'm taken aback at the way black women have been treated historically, from the unfair wage gap to the lack of representation in...

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    • I agree when you say that we all must come together to combat these racial issues to create a meaningful change.

    • I like how you mentioned how black women have been treated historically. This reminded me of a quote by Tanara Burke when she said that “Black women can do anything. We’ve proven that time and time again.” Black women have made great strides, and we have repeatedly shown that we are capable of doing anything. Black women have battled to be seen, heard, and valued as women ever since the institution of slavery and continue to do so today. 

    • Janntual,

      How you anaysised the 1619 project and how you made a deeper connection to it really struck out for. I also liked how you connect it back you and your neighborhood.

    • I do agree with working together to create meaningful change. After watching do you believe that the world can come together to create long term change or will this country remain the same?

    • Women Mistreated historically I really like the title. I agree that in order to effect lasting change, we must all work together to address these racial concerns.

    • “By focusing on gender stereotypes, the prevalence of stereotypes in popular culture, and the fear of being left out, we can begin to address the issue of body shaming. This has long been a problem in America, and it’s disheartening to see police using every minor infraction as an excuse to target black men. “ How do you think body shaming used in police brutality?

    • I really like that you mention body shaming.

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