• My project  was about school bullying. The action we did over our days of action was paint a mural in our school wall. We felt like painting a mural in the school wall is a big action because it shows students

    • I agree with your project that bullying should stop and its sort of related to my group project. Which is “Gender Neutral Bathroom” and our topic is about how Neutral bathrooms should be a common thing around the world for those that don’t identify themselves as one gender.

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    Dear Calder
    I am impressed by your poem, “nonviolence” because its short but it tells a meaning about what we have to do about the violence that is happening. To me the main message of your poem is to create a society that doesn’t have violence. I know this because of how your poem said “Rose up with dignity”. I feel like that means that the com…[Read more]

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    Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was when you said “Teachers aren’t getting payed the minimum, money is overused in u…

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    • Dear Kalani,
      I really like how you wrote about something that is important to you. I also like how you wrote about this topic in detail and also that you had empathy for people because you didn’t offend no one and you tried to inform others about why people do prostitution. I like how you connected position to slavery because many woman back then…[Read more]

    • Dear Imelda,
      I really admire how you choose a topic that interested you. While reading your paragraph I agree with many things you had to say about how Oakland has empathy for all races. I really like when you say “ When the entire community comes as one it’s so beautiful because people come in as strangers but leave with many new friends. Man…[Read more]

    • Dear Lupita,
      I really like how you explained a way that we can help solve homelessness. I also like how you explain why some people are homeless because of how house rent is rising up. I really like how your paragraph actually shows how you care about how there alot of homeless people around the bay area and you showed a lot of empathy while you…[Read more]

    • Janie Otero

      Humanities 9

      Ms. Portugal


                                                                                 OUSD Budget

      OUSD has spent so much money on hiring people with high salaries and

      • Dear Janie,
        Your essay about ousd using their money effectively is very convincing and worded very well to understand the problem clearly and why it’s true. Your evidence was very convincing and had clear connections to your claim. Your essay stayed relevant to the problem and you also had good sources to your claim such as the principle. There was a few times a sentence was repeated but overall the essay was great.

      • Dear Janie,
        Your topic is a relevant topic right now. Teachers aren’t getting payed the minimum, money is overused in unnecessary supplies. Money should be spent the correct way because everyone deserves opportunities and if we don’t have opportunities is it really helping us? Your analysis is really good and it really gave us another side to what your evidence was saying! Thank you for taking your time to write about this topic since many teachers are going on strikes. Good job!
        Imelda P

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      Dear Tania
      Your poem really shows what love is to some people. I like your poem because it relates to Romeo and JUliet because they couldn’t be together because their families didn’t get along, and your poem shows how they were feeling. I like how your poem had me questioning at the end. I like how you ended your poem by saying “Love doesn’t hav…[Read more]

    • Dear Leslie
      Your poem is sooo good. I really like how you talk about female empowerment and how females should not depend on a guy to succeed. Something that stood out from your poem was “Our happiness does not depend on on boys” because many females feel like they can only be happy when there with a guy but that not true. I really like how you…[Read more]

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      Dear Martha
      Your poem is very creative, I really like how you related it to the eyes. Something that stood out to me from your poem was the lines “You took our loved ones and put them in cages like zoo animals” because you’re saying that white people are putting us into categories and its very creative how you used similes in your poem. Some que…[Read more]

    • Dear Lupita
      Your poem is so good. I think it’s clear that you are trying to show how Oakland has a lot of violence. I really like your poem because your expressing the violence and I really like how u relate it to the Montagues and Capulets and how society is the capulets and whe are the montagues. I liked how at the end you said “but I fear it o…[Read more]

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      Hi my name is Janie and im a 9th grader at Life Academy. This poem is about how females have power and some might feel just because of what society is saying. In my poem it also explains how some females might

      • Dear Janie, I really like how you defended women power and how we are strong no matter what other people say. I feel that whoever read this will like your poem because it speaks out to me and will for others. The fact that you choose this means alot because you care about women power and how they could be seen as on a lot of ways.

      • Dear Janie,
        Your poem is a really great poem about females and how society expects us to be. I think you explain really good that women should be themselves and should feel confident about themselves. A line that you wrote that stood out to me was,”Each one has something special to show, there’s so much in a woman, nobody sees it”. This line stood out to me because what you said is really true that everyone has something special but sometimes others don’t see. Good job on your poem, I hope you write more poems because your amazing at them-Tania

      • Aria replied 7 months ago

        Dear Janie,
        I really enjoyed reading your poem. It’s so inspiring! I agree that women should not have to be afraid to be themselves to please others, whether it’s by wearing makeup or what they look like to others, but who they are on the inside and not the outside. Here is an article I found fighting for and against it:

        Should women wear makeup? Two writers argue for and against

        Aria Handlon

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      Dear Imelda
      I am proud of your shadow box because it is very creative and beautiful, One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was “I have chosen to represent my culture and myself because I think it’s important that other people know that I appreciate my culture and I’m grateful for everything I have In this world. To me, my culture is ev…[Read more]

    • Dear Kassandra

      I am proud of your work because it look like you put a lot of effort into your box. One sentence that stood out for me is “There’s also an image of a lady with a slim waist, with text saying “Firm Flat Abs Tight curvy butt No more jiggle!” kind of saying girls MUST be skinny to have a “perfect body”. There are texts like “Eat p…[Read more]

    • Dear Ashley

      I am proud of your work because it looks like you added in a lot of detail in your box that means alot to you. One sentence you wrote that’s stood out for me is “For example, outside my box there’s popsicle sticks around the box. This identifies the border that Donald Trump is building. On top of the border, there’s a gun meani…[Read more]

    • My Shadow Box

      By Janie Otero

      This is my shadow box. In this shadow bow in the inside it shows my chosen identities/counter narrative and in the outside of the box it represents what society thinks about

      • Dear Janie, I am excited by your shadow box because I like how everything was organized.As well, how you explain all of it and everything in you box has a meaning to it.Also, the doll I like how it has a big meaning to it and how you explain why you put it their.

        One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is when you said “The photo with me and my younger sister just represents my bound with her and how I care about her so much. The picture with my mom , dad and me was taken in mothers day and I put it in my shadow box because I care so much and love my whole family.” I think this is good because it gives a feel of how you truly feel for your family.

        Another sentence that I liked was “The candy just represents how much I love Mexican candy and how good it tastes.” This stood out to me because I can agree with you on this because it really does taste good.

        Your Shadow box reminds me of what I made once.One time I did the exact same thing the Shadow box my was in the same sense as yours because I added my family into it.As well I added the Mexican flag to because that is where my parents are from.Also,I added religion to it like you added la Virgen I added a cross.

        Thank you for your shadow box.I look forward to seeing what you make next because I really liked what you did.The explanation of it all also it was detailed and it explained your shadow box well.

      • I like the way you explain the things that are in your shadow box of what represents you as a person. I love Romeo Santos I got introduce when my dad remarried to El Salvadorian woman after my mom past away and as well my husband is also that race. So, I know about the Hispanic culture. We saw his concert last year. It was fun even though I do not speak a lick of Spanish. I love the way you would express yourself with the adventures you have had with your family. Family is important. That reminds me of a time when I was living in Yuma, AZ that the people there were friendly but also of the Mexican Candy because it is so close to the border of Mexico. Love the girl power of what you wrote where you are strong.
        Thanks for sharing.

      • Hi Janie,
        I really enjoyed looking at your shadow box because it reminded me of myself. I am also Mexican and your shadow box brought me a whole bunch of memories from my childhood. Family is also important to me, and I can not wait to visit Mexico again to see my family. Overall, your shadow box was well done.

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