• JanetOCHS23
  • Dear Roy,
    i found it interesting how you mentioned how america is the highest country with firearms and how most people have a story with guns. I feel like people kill because they lack mental stability and lack knowledge.

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    Is Having Restriction On Firearms A Good Or Bad Thing?

    In the article “Gun control advantages and disadvantages" by M Y Venn, I learned that having gun restrictions may lead to further problems.  Some may think that having gun restrictions may be a good thing but it also comes...

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    • Dear Janet 
      Your post made me think what people can do with guns and the kind of restriction we should be having on them. It also made me think if the laws should be for all states or should have higher restriction for certain classes. Something I wonder is if there’s a way to protect the people more and not the ability of having a weapon.


    • Dear Janet,
      Your post made me think that gun restrictions are not the solution to gun violence. I also made me think that maybe its the way we act around others that cause gun violence. I wonder why people think gun restrictions are the solution to the problem.


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    Different American's views on guns

    In the article “Key Facts about Americans and Guns” (Schaeffer 2023) I learned that many Americans have different views when it comes to firearms. Many Americans who own guns tend to believe that guns shouldn't have restrictions because it's...

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    • Dear Janet, 

      Your post made me think about how everyone might have different perspective of guns. Many people believe that carrying a firearm is bad and cause trouble but many people think its good to carry guns for their safety. Something i wonder is if anyone has done anything to show that guns are either bad or good.

      Cameron Hernandez

  • Janet commented on the post, american on trail

    dear saqua,
    your post made me think of how many people view white cops differently because of the common issue that keeps occurring. Do you think the cop had a liable reason to shoot the young guy just because he moved? Something I wonder is why this keeps occurring.
    Janet Rodriguez

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    Point of view on guns and gun violence

    In the article “Views on guns and gun violence” (Parker et al. 2017) I learned how gun violence and guns are a very conflicted topic in the U.S . This is a very conflicted topic because there are many...

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    • Dear Janet,
      Your post made me think about how gender can be a leading driver of gun violence since the statistics show the opinions. It also made me think about the way people perceive gun violence with “it’s the people”. I wonder what the stats are on real gun violence but with gender.

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