• being cool

    ain’t mean nothing cool

    to me when I was little, cool

    I remember having just barbie dolls,

    Yu gi oh cards were just the meaning of cool

    Nah it seems like that ain’t mean nothing at all

  • I, too wanna state a purpose. I am the bad guy. They send me to rethink things about me not  being strong. But I am strong.  And doubting me thinking I can’t do it, And I gotta push myself harder to do better. T

    • Janasia,

      We just read your poem and would like to say, you selected a great picture to go along with your poem. We like that your remix poem focused on the speaker being strong. Your poem is inspiring us to do a remix of your remix because it is fire! It hits spots in our prefrontal cortex.

  • I tried to imagine how a cop in “The Hate U Give” thinks:

    I park on the side, where I stopped the car. I get out the car and proceeded to do what I got to do. I walk aside to the parked car. And proceed to see

    • Very interesting topic, Janasia. I feel very strongly about police brutality, especially when race is a factor. I found this article very insightful and artistic as it took me to a different place inside the mind of a conciencious cop who questioned “why did I even stop the both of them?” It was a very deep and poetic peice. If you would like to read more on this topic, please look over this article:https://mappingpoliceviolence.org/. I look forward to reading more from you on this topic in the future.

    • Hi Janasia!
      I have heard a lot about the novel, “The Hate U Give,” and have been wanting to read it. Your post made me want to read it even more. One quote of yours really stuck out to me. You wrote, “Until this day I never shot any black kid or young black man. But if I did shot a black man, I would have got away with it anyways. I know this for a fact because one of my cop friends got away from something like that.” It stuck out to me because of how unfortunately true this is for how many police officers think, as we have seen with the constant news on police shootings of black men in specific. This angers and saddens me, and I hate that we are even having to deal with this extreme prejudice in the 21st century. Check out this article on the high likelihood of black men being victims of police brutality: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jan/08/the-counted-police-killings-2016-young-black-men

      I hope to see more from you on this topic.

    • Hi Janasia, this essay was fascinating because it got me thinking about our police system in America, with all the police brutality news in the media and the black lives matter movement. It shows that maybe our police training is insufficient and they need more education and that sometimes they’re prejudices get the best of them. I was confused at the beginning because I didn’t know what “The Hate U Give” was until I read a comment.

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