• This was a very well researched essay. Well done. This serves as a nice presentation of much of the current information we have about social distancing and I think that could come in real handy, especially now that businesses are being open across the country. As you mentioned, a fair few people don’t wear masks or social distance which is a…[Read more]

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    This truly is a surreal feeling for better or for worse. I agree with Ezra that this moment is likely going to create ripples in how the education system will be altered from this event. Though, I don’t think it will completely reform it forever since we’ve seen the logistical problems that a mass-shutting down of schools…[Read more]

  • You chose some interesting stories and wrote about their shared themes well. I’d like to see you write more about each of the stories themselves as well as how they connect and contrast. They cover interesting topics that are historically underrepresented. As an aside, your writing is well thought our but your sentences begin with some unnecessary…[Read more]

  • I think you have an interesting topic with many layers. You cover the ethical side of the issue pretty well. I have a source by Steve Perrin you may be interested which covers the scientific side in case you’re “Preclinical Research: Make Mouse Studies Work.”

  • The world of medicine has been under fire as of late. From lawsuits to the opioid epidemic, it has become clear that, in many regards, the patients of “patient care” are being overshadowed. Although this is not

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      I find your topic very interesting and I appreciate that you have taken the time to link the readers to your sources while also expanding on their relevancy to your claim. I think that many people are misinformed, including myself, on this topic and seeing that perhaps we have the wrong idea with regards to healthcare is eye-opening. I will be looking forward to reading more about this and filling gaps in my knowledge about ethics in healthcare.

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    This is very well written as a way to present the information you have found. It’s interesting how the US has been built up as a place of opportunity for immigrants and refugees throughout its history. That long-held status is falling apart now because we’ve made it so complicated to become a legal citizen and make a living as an immigrant or…[Read more]

  • I agree, the price for higher education nowadays is getting ridiculous. This is a creative solution that I haven’t seen before and could be promising. However, are raw numbers the only thing we should be looking at? I can’t help but wonder what the implications of accelerating the college program would be. Extra programs could also potentially…[Read more]

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    You bring up an interesting point with the balance between conservation justifying less than humane conditions. The article makes me wonder if zoos can evolve to a point where those ends justify the means. I remember reading about how different animals in captivity can have completely different behaviors compared to those in the wild. If zoos are…[Read more]

  • I think you write an interesting argument to the pro-gun choice. It’s a clever point that uses the argument’s own logic to support your point. I think stating each of the author’s credentials and work would help with understanding the background of where this information came from. You made some strong points using your own opinion combined claims…[Read more]

  • A switch to sustainable energy is an ideal solution to the energy crisis. Though the environmental benefits would undoubtedly be an improvement, the logistics of switching to such a system have been called into

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      Hi Jayme, thank you for sharing your thoughts on how we could approach the energy crisis we are facing and are going to face. Energy is very important in our lives and is like a necessity today unlike before. In a matter of around 200 years, we have been able to improve our advancements in energy production. I agree that the price of sustainability will decrease over time because of new inventions and innovations. Solar power and wind power are great energy production processes; but like gas and oil markets, they have their pros and cons. Solar and wind power, as you said, are not as effective and cost-efficient today; these cons can be fixed in the future through new developments. But there are cons that will always be problems to these markets. According to Emma Bryce, “Wind turbines kill an estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds each year in North America, making it the most threatening form of green energy. And yet, it’s also one of the most rapidly expanding energy industries: more than 49,000 individual wind turbines now exist across 39 states.” While we are trying to make energy safer to the environment, green energy such as wind power hurts the environment differently than oil and gas companies. Though I only presented one con to these green energy methods, there are many more than this. In conclusion, I agree that the energy crisis is very important to the future of the world and that the future holds what is to come.
      If you want to research more about bird deaths related to wind turbines, the link is https://www.audubon.org/news/will-wind-turbines-ever-be-safe-birds.

  • This was a well-done essay on an interesting topic. I’ve been wondering why we’re suddenly getting such cold temperatures in parts of the US so this was a very informative piece. I like how you had your sources dispersed throughout your writing rather than just putting all of them in one paragraph. It was pretty innocuous and objective in…[Read more]

  • This is a well done article though I think it could use a couple more sources to provide a way for people to read about it more in depth. Cora even commented a link to the website. It’s a bit strange how close the river launch is, being that it’s scheduled for next year. It’s a current and interesting topic and I like how you wrote about the…[Read more]

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