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    Dear Patrick

    I agree with your post of how animal abuse is a serious problem because it is a horrible thing. Animals do not deserve this kind of treatment , and that it shouldn’t go unnoticed I hope that more people realize this and face the problem head on . I hope that your project because a success. I look forward to reading more from you.

  • Dear, Lesile

    I like your post because I love animals and they do help a lot of people. I also like what you said here ” it; even though cat and dogs can’t save the world they can help with a lot of things,for example, they can help people with anxiety, and dogs can even help detect cancer and other thing”. I agree with this because there a…[Read more]

  • Dear Emily,

    I am interested about your post because I have a lot of pollinators in my neighborhood. One sentence that stands out me is “You want to have a variety of flowering plants that bloom throughout the growing season. This will provide a regular and diverse source of nectar and nutrients for pollinators. Native plants are the best to u…[Read more]

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    Dear Maggie,
    I really enjoyed reading your article on vaping. I picked this one because i liked the photo you chose. You did a good job getting my attention. I also agree with you, vaping is a really big problem among teens. I liked the way you used a lot of facts in your writing. You should share this with other people, like maybe your mayor or…[Read more]

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    I am a student in an independent studies program, and I’m here today to tell you why you should read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s a really good book that has adventure, magic, and mystery. Whe

    • Dear Jamie;
      I’m happy with your theme ‘Harry potter” because I learned how important it is to read a book, a phrase he wrote for me is “It’s a really good book that has adventure, magic and mystery. When you read it, you are actually there because of the author’s details. That highlights that reading a book is wonderful, because many take books as boring, but books really help us to better read is synonymous with improving vocabulary, thanks for your writing, I hope to see your next publications, …..

    • Cory replied 1 month ago

      Dear jamie,
      i like how you included so many reasons as to why people should read this book. You gave many details and you expressed yourself well to the reader. you also gave a preview as to what the books are about which helped a lot to be intersting for other readers to read.

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