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    As someone who only knows the perceptions about Brooklyn, the ones formed by the media and movies this is a very intriguing take on the city, Victor. You have greater knowledge than most, being someone who has lived there for 14 years. The way you confirm some preconceived notions makes it clear that Brooklyn isn’t glamorous, but your fondness for…Read More

  • Adalia, I honestly would’ve never thought about how betrayal affects someone. Of course, the idea of healing and possible forgiveness from betrayal is something I know about, but the full depth of the concept and how it affects someone’s mental health is something I’ve personally never looked at. Your descriptions of how people get over betrayal…Read More

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    Shania, your poem is positively beautiful. It speaks to me about the importance and people’s specifically women’s bodies. Women’s bodies are constantly placed under scrutiny and have been giving a negative connotation a lot of the time. The movement of body positivity is something important but not always followed. You added depth to this movent…Read More

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    Hygenic rats?

    When someone mentions pets that are gross and unhygienic people usually go to rats. At the mention of the rodents, people get unnerved and usually say “ew”. People see them for their wild New York city vermin counterpart. As...

    Read More
  • Jamie commented on the post, George Floyd's Death

    Madai, this is one topic that is so difficult to talk about. There was so much wrong with the situation and how it was handled after. It was exciting to see people take a stand and fight for black rights and it has been something that has a need to happen for a long while. “The black community wasn’t receiving the justice they deserve” is what you…Read More

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