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    Book review of The Time Keeper

    Mitch Albom’s novel The Time Keeper is a journey of the relationship we have with time. The author, Mitch Albom is an accredited sports writer but also works in many other genres and has sold over 39 million of his books....

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    • This book sounds great, I really appreciated how you summed it all up. You gave a good general overview without giving too much of the book away. I think its an interesting idea that time is never satisfactory.

  • Mynor, I love that you bring your own personal reasons as to why you think leadership skills are important in your life. That makes the reading feel personal and makes me believe that it is super important to gain leadership skills at a young age. I do agree with you, especially in this day and age we all strive to be our own boss in a sense. We…Read More

  • Felipe, especially in the times that we are in this is a huge topic that we need to talk about! Especially now with the new variant out there, it’s super important for everyone that can get the first couple doses to get them! Although children are more resilient and tend to be healthier and react less to the virus than adults it is imperative they…Read More

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    Changing Pollution

    Nowadays pollution is a widely known topic. Especially with global warming happening. As humans, we need to step up and start coming up with better ways to live our lives that minimize or disclude the use of fossil fuels....

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  • Jade, I love the awareness you are spreading about this topic. The United States is a multicultural country that has so much diversity. Because of this vast diversity, I would assume we would learn about all the cultures across the board yet, we don’t! It’s refreshing to see that some states are taking the education of cultures into their own…Read More

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Book review of The Time Keeper

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