• JamesN22
  • Hello Alondra,
    I do find it quite absurd that China is returning to normalcy, despite being the origin of a virus that has ravaged the rest of the world. While I do think China isn’t telling the full story, it’s important to understand that many Chinese people wear masks and were able o go into lockdowns due to the fact that the people have very…Read More

  • Hello Oliver,
    If you’re interested in learning some Electoral college reforms, check out the Election of 1876. I strongly believe that the electoral college can be reformed. I mean, how the Union went about Emancipating the slaves was highly illegal but was morally right in the end, as well as the restricting of certain rights in liberties during…Read More

  • James commented on the post, My American Values

    Hello Tanish,
    I find your argument very entertaining and I learned a lot about your perspective on American creeds. I like how you acknowledge the struggle for equality in America is a reminder of how equality is a major American value. I like how you brought up how we have the opportunity to be who please and to be unique here in America. I…Read More

  • James wrote a new post

    Opportunity & Equality in America

    America is known as “The Land of Opportunity.” With that statement, we believe that if you have a dream and you work hard enough, you will become successful. It was the opportunity of gaining wealth and seeking religious freedom...

    Read More
  • Hello Zhelanea,

    I totally agree that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a champion of certain rights for individuals, and her time on the court will serve a lasting impact on the country. However I believe that the country still needs to uphold the constitution. RBG in her own words said that Presidents serve for four years, not three years when Obama…Read More



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