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At least forty four million K – 12 students in the United States are adjusting to the sudden change to online learning. (1) Rather than waking up, getting dressed and walking, driving or riding the school bus to school, we are (hopefully) waking up and turning on our laptops, ipads or iphones to see our teachers’ faces. Will this change […]

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The Coronavirus cannot be contained with a Wall

The current administration in the White House has promoted nationalism as a good thing for the United States.  Nationalist believe that their country is superior above others and desire to separate themselves from other countries, global organizations and global interests.  Leaders of countries sometimes use nationalism to promote a sense of patriotism in the general population but the two are […]

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Individual is where it is at

   Individualism is where it is at.      Sometimes; no, make that most of the time, we take ourselves too seriously. Society is always trying to define how we as humans should fit into predetermined behavioral categories based on the set of circumstances in which we find ourselves. Rather than viewing a particular person’s conduct as being different than the remainder of […]

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We Eat Too Much!

I know we set aside one particular day each and every year to express our thankfulness for all that we have in this great Country of ours; but, even that Holiday has become more focused on food rather than the purpose of gathering with friends and loved one to remind ourselves of the vast amount of reasons we truly have […]

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The American Recycling Program Needs to be Revisited

Believe it or not there was a time, not so long ago, that the average American family only had one garbage can. Then a decade or so ago these extra blue cans started appearing on a regular basis. The blue can, as opposed to the normal green can, was deemed for recycling items that could be reconditioned and reused again […]

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