•    Individualism is where it is at.

         Sometimes; no, make that most of the time, we take ourselves too seriously. Society is always trying to define how we as humans should fit into predetermined behavio

  • Matt,
    I agree that there has to be something done about homework. I do believe there is some basis for assigning homework, but it has to be reasonable. More and more, it seems that a teacher gives a 15 minute lecture on a subject, then says “here’s your homework assignment for tonight”. The homework then takes quadruple the amount of time to…[Read more]

  • Timothy,
    This is a very interesting topic that you have raised. Personally, I have fond memories of my childhood and all the many zoos, animal parks, and other situations in which my family went to see animal exhibits. What I have realized is that there is a substantial amount of research that goes on in these situations where animals are kept…[Read more]

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    Kaya, You are absolutely right on point in regards to your post regarding sleep. Teenagers seem to be torn in so many different directions, and unfortunately sleep seems to be the one item that suffers the most. When we attempt to prioritize the various responsibilities we have in our lives, getting to bed and obtaining restful sleep is the first…[Read more]

  • I know we set aside one particular day each and every year to express our thankfulness for all that we have in this great Country of ours; but, even that Holiday has become more focused on food rather than the

    • I think this an interesting outlook on holidays and how they become a little too materialistic. Holidays were created to honor an event and bring people together, not to be about food and gifts. I think this is a unique post and it truly gets people thinking.

    • Hey James, I think that this is a really interesting article about obesity in America. I like how you called out all of these holidays for using them to sell even more foods. My other favorite thing you said, was we should start listening to health professionals about being more healthy. Here is an article that can relate to yours; https://letsmove.obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/about

    • Hey James, interesting ideas you have put out in this article, however I have a couple discrepancies. First of all how can you say that Thanksgiving has become more about food then being thankful, when the reason the holiday was started was coming together and being thankful for food. Now it might be true that Americans eat too much, but I think that the problem doesn’t lay within holidies this is when we should be able to indulge. I think the problem is with the lack of government intervention in the public health arena.It’s simple either the government gets involved and we become a healthier nation or we stick to our old libertarian ways of thinking and we don’t judge how other people choose to consume.

    • I think there are restaurants that serve appetizers, yes appetizers that have more than 1000 calories! Who’s appetite are they intending to appetize anyway?
      So if you do the math, in one day you can easily be eating 3–5000 calories with very little effort. So how do you make a dent in this if you are running in today’s fast paced life!

  • There is a saying that I have heard many times regarding this subject, and I believe it truly makes the point. The saying is: “If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns.” Because there are so many different ways to obtain a gun, if someone really wants to get one, they are going to find one. Since the statistics all support the finding…[Read more]

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    This is an amazing topic to write and read about, due to the fact that this is a leap forward in technology and science. But it does come with some foreseeable consequences in the future. As you said, due to these new “superior” genetics this could cause more issues than it does fix anything. The first problem that would most likely be faced is…[Read more]

  • Believe it or not there was a time, not so long ago, that the average American family only had one garbage can. Then a decade or so ago these extra blue cans started appearing on a regular basis. The blue

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