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  • JamesG18
  • Hey Heidi, I agree with your status on global warming. The world as a whole can only increase in an average temperature of 2 degrees before we start to have serious global issues, with such a small margin I do agree that something must be done to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gasses. However I do not think that reducing the amount of meat…Read More

  • Hey Abinaov, I really enjoyed your writing about change. I thought it was cool how you brought examples from history and also your own life. I especially liked how you told us that change is inevitable, and I think this is a topic that can be expanded on. In my opinion most often change that is out of our control is what’s most inevitable and has…Read More

  • Zack,
    I think your stance on this issue is interesting to say the least, but dude, if you make a statement like this you have to have facts and data to support your claim. And because of that I think I have to side with my classmate Celia on this one, so for starters the wage gap is a thing, men start jobs at higher salaries. Second there are way…Read More

  • So i believe i owe you an apology Callie, I thought this was your research paper instead of a response. In which case I would love to read your actual paper if you wouldn’t mind.

  • Callie, this is not a research paper. This paper is all about you and the development of your opinion as you read more about this topic, that is not what a research paper is. A research paper is intended to inform the reader so that they can make there own conscious decision, admittedly there is a place for your own opinion but it shouldn’t take…Read More

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