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Shadowed Happiness

Jimmy Budd Today could not be topped in its harshness towards me Do not attempt to convince me that There is light in all darkness Because, when you take a close look, This world we live in is just hell disguised as a sanctuary Even if Light shines every now and again What we feel now will never last It’s […]

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Where I’m From Poem

Where I’m From by Jimmy Budd I am from football gloves, from Nike and polyester. I am from cold Fall nights, from grid and dirt. I am from cold goodbyes and happy beginnings, where the middle seems lost. I am from isolation in the wilderness, from countless hours spent with family. I am from spontaneous decisions, where my mind knows […]

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A Rude Awakening (In style of Coatsworth)

James, if you get up you must walk all over your clothes. You will come back with cloth on your feet, small black socks that will reak. Stay in bed, James. Lie still, do not go. See how the floor is sinking and crying up a show, I will sit here and not mutter a sound, so warm and so […]

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Clouded Minds (In style of Jewel)

I am persistent but do not disregard   for it resonates within me my mind will deteriorate one day and with thoughtless responses you will find me consumed come daylight   –James   Print this page. Author Jimmy

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