• Annika,
    Your article on the issues with pollution in our oceans was very well written and captured my attention. We need to make improvements for collecting pollutants in an efficient matter. We use the oceans water supply everyday and in order to keep it clean this message must be spread. Thank you for your post!

  • Where I’m From

    by Jimmy Budd

    I am from football gloves,

    from Nike and polyester.

    I am from cold Fall nights,

    from grid and dirt.

    I am from cold goodbyes and happy beginnings,

    where the middle seems l

    • Jimmy,
      I love this poem. It’s very personal and gives the reader a good idea of who you are and what made you the way you are.:) Hope to hear more written by you!

    • This is a really sweet poem that gives depth into who you are and what defines you. Well written!

  • Olivia,
    I deeply enjoyed your post as it is showing off one of the positively minded people you have in your school. It is great to have an adult to talk to in school, who you can just lay everything out to unfiltered. I play football as well and know how down to Earth some coaches can be, but when it comes to study and preparation they are as…[Read more]

  • Jimmy commented on the post, My Stress 1 month, 1 week ago

    Jordan, thank you for sharing this amazing piece of writing with the world. Your piece really spoke volumes to me as it reminded me of myself. I have little pressure from my parents in my everyday life, so I can not blame them for the stress or anxiety I face each day. Stress is something that can completely damage you for a short amount of time,…[Read more]

  • Autumn, I really enjoyed your piece of writing and thank you for sharing it with the world. Your poem was visually apparent to me as every phrase of your piece made me feel like I was in your shoes. Thanks!

  • Jimmy commented on the post, Leaving The Nest 1 month, 1 week ago

    Tala, I really enjoyed your piece of writing and thank you for sharing it with the world. This piece really speaks to me as our parents who have been watching over us these past 18 years are slowly fading out of our lives. We are approaching the end of high school and the beginning of our individualism. To truly discover ourselves we must learn to…[Read more]

  • James, if you get up you must walk all over your clothes.

    You will come back with cloth on your feet,

    small black socks that will reak.

    Stay in bed, James. Lie still, do not go.

    See how the floor is

    • Hi Jimmy,
      I really enjoyed your poem, Thank you for sharing it, I think many can relate with the internal struggle of getting out of bed.

    • Jimmy,
      I really enjoyed your poem. I can relate to this in so many ways. Just like everyone else I know, mornings are hard for me. I am constantly hitting my snooze button and rolling over to get more sleep. Thanks for sharing.

    • This poem is really good. I can relate because mornings really aren’t my thing

    • Jimmy,
      I really like your poem because I relate to it so much.

  • Jimmy commented on the post, A Reason Why 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    This writing really spoke to me and made me think of the times I used to spend in one of my old neighborhoods and I find myself exploring around it every now and again just because of the emotions that linger. It is very interesting how this type of deja vu can become ingrained deep within us and we completely forget the feeling until we stumble…[Read more]

  • Gigi, I agree with your post stating how beneficial mediation can be in our everyday lives. We are constantly targeted by stress and anxiety each day at school and with the implantation of yoga or meditation our ability to focus would increase and our anxiety would decrease. Alleviating as much stress as possible out of our everyday lives will…[Read more]

  • Cy,legalizing marijuana would increase the amount of regulation on marijuana, but it may also promote dealers to continue dealing because they can give a cheaper price than what stores may offer. I agree with your claim of how cartels would try to find a way to distribute more harmful substances than marijuana which may make the overall…[Read more]

  • Abi,
    I agree with your idea of cleaning up waste from medical procedures. Materials used during surgery can be quite dangerous to people who may come by them such as needles. The amount of trash collected from these procedures is astounding as I feel a good amount of material can be reused, but we instead just throw it away. Creating a system of…[Read more]

  • I am persistent

    but do not disregard


    for it resonates within me

    my mind will deteriorate

    one day

    and with thoughtless responses

    you will find me consumed

    come daylight




    • Jimmy,
      I really enjoyed your piece and found that it has a powerful message about the frailty of the human mind. Definitely something I will be thinking about more now. Thank you for your piece.

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