• I know you are very busy with other issues at this time, but I would like to address an issue that has yet to be properly fixed. Beyond the fact that there are many other factors contributing to the downfall of

    • Jalyn,

      I found this to a very interesting issue that doesn’t seem to be talked about very often. This is an issue that, while it may not effect a huge amount of people, it is still a very prevalent issue for those it does effect. I liked the way you explained your point of view on the subject and expressed your feelings on the topic.

    • Jalyn, I am so glad you have pursued an interest in the Flint water crisis. I agree that there has not been nearly enough upward mobility in the plan to fix the water supplies in Michigan. Simply the fact that you have made it a point to bring this still unresolved issue to more attention will hopefully make others realize that it is a big deal. This effects a small number of people relative to the amount of people in that live in the U.S., but this is no excuse for the excessive prolonging of clean water sources. You presented your opinion on the topic beautifully, bringing to attention the issue without an overpowering bias. If you want to read more on the Flint water crisis, here is a great link I found about how we can help! https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-help-flint-water-crisis_us_569e8e78e4b0cd99679b9541

    • Hi Jayln! I had never even heard of the Flint Water Crisis. This is an urgent issue. I can’t believe how this is so serious (thousands of people without normal water) but barely talked about anymore. Thank you for bringing awareness to this major problem, and I hope you continue fighting for this cause because it’s extremely important. Check out this article to strengthen your argument even more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/31/health/iyw-flint-water-crisis-two-years-later/index.html


    • Hi Jalyn, I found this very intriguing and compelling, that thousands of people have no potable water or normal water and yet we don’t hear about it. This issue is extremely important and we all need to speak up and get some help for the people in need for healthy and safe water, cause water is the source of life. Thanks for sharing this with us and raising awareness.

    • I completely agree that the people who caused this mess should be held accountable. For too long those in power like politicians have gotten away with careless and costly decisions they made which hurt many other people. Something should be done about the Flint water issue and it should be done now.

    • I agree that work to help flint trailed off to a minimum as soon as media attention moved elsewhere, there needs to be a continuous effort to change the pipes and restore the quality of water. I would ask, what do you think should be done? What steps could be taken to do this?

    • Jalyn,
      I agree that this is an important issue, and the fact that it still has to be is shocking and almost embarrassing. The Flint Water Crisis no longer feels like a crisis — it’s just a reality people have had undrinkable water since early 2014. It may be that the scariest aspect of this now is no longer just the contamination itself, but the complacency of everyone involved.

  • Standing for what you feel is in the best interest for everyone, is not only a selfless act, but it shows that a person wants to ultimately bring good to the world. Using a voice that not many others share, in

    • I am intrigued by your post because it just really caught my attention on how badly our country has fallen, and how the president decides to handle people expressing their free speech. Although many people have been shunned for taking a knee during the national anthem that is their way of peacefully handling the injustices in the United States I’m sure none of them mean disrespect to those who fought in the military.
      One thing you said that stands out for me is, “Police brutality could’ve have been stopped early on, instead officers were given a slap on the wrists.” because I agreed to this on so many levels, all the police violence that I have seen on social media and the news is truly repulsive especially coming from people who are supposed to protect our country not feel threatened by a person of a different race and kill them.

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