• In the poem “ Harlem” by Langston Hughes he talks about a dream deferred and the negative outcomes of what can happen when it’s not fulfilled. One of the quotes that first stood out to me was “Does it stink l

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    The slow steady water hits the rocksDistance buildings not really noticed unless it’s nightKids’ yelling filling the airAdults moving along the gate looking wondering..Not a care in the world Young and old on dat

  • The place I chose to write about is this park – all of it! The boardwalk, and everything else. This place is by my middle school across the street. It’s a beautiful and important place in my life, where a lot o

  • I remember hanging out with my cousins.I remember watching a lot of scary movies and being somewhat scared but also really fascinated and amused.I remember helping my cousin out even though she was older than me

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    I like it. It’s short and real

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      I’m from bobos and beads and flat irons I’m from the big corner of the living room with magical toys filling the room I’m from aloe vera plants healing and soul calming and dogs boots and mamas mean and kindI’

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