• Dear Jaime,
      I can relate with you when you say you dont want to go to school. I wish school was short and after a couple boxes I too can say “time to go home”.

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    good work from your picture you can see graphic weight from your picture

  • Good work i like where you where going with your work and how you told your story about how you got in trouble

  • This year has been hard for me in school. There are several reasons, like my behavior and actually failing some classes this year. In past years I have never failed a class. This year i failed English, but when i

    • I like how you talked about the struggles you go to and trying to fix them

    • Dear Jamie,
      I appreciate you sharing all the struggles you’ve been through so far this year, and it’s good that you’re trying change most of that to succeed in school. Staying focused and ready minded will always allow you to reach your goals in the far run. Keep up the good work!

  • It is important for kids to know that having a job is not just having a job when you’re in high school.  Because your job takes a lot of your time, you have to manage it well in order to succeed in both places. If

    • Jaime,
      I think that this is something that is different for everyone depending on their circumstance. Some people are devote all their time to school and extracuriculars and couldnt handle and job while somepeople need too. I think that there is a value in working but that it is different for everybody and might not boost many students motivation. I dont know if there is any one answer on whether teens should work or not.


    • Jaimie,
      I agree with you that there is more to having a job as a teen than making money, for it is important to learn and have an early exposure to responsibilities and what the real world is like. Here is an article about your point that I think you would find interesting: https://www.teenlife.com/blogs/pros-cons-teens-getting-jobs

    • Jaime,
      I totally agree with your points. As soon as I got a job I started to appreciate the amount of money more and what my parents do for me. It humbles you and depending on the job you get, you respect other people that work more too. Getting a job matured me and made me grow as a person. I also agree you need to be careful. You shouldn’t overwork yourself or focus too much on work as a kid. You should enjoy your childhood while you have have it.
      Helpful Link: https://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/family-finance/articles/2017-07-18/the-pros-and-cons-of-having-your-teen-work-a-part-time-job

    • Jaime
      I think the points you brought up are true for many teens. When I got a job, it changed who I was as a person. It made me think about what I have and how hard it is to accomplish a goal. I think this is a lesson all should learn. At the same time this pends on what type of job your are working at. I think your job should be reflective on what you like and who you are as a person. I worked as a camp counselor and found it very rewarding teaching lessons to younger kids. By putting goals in school I do think positivity would come out of it because we are incentive driven people. Great piece keep writing.

  • Hello, my name is Jaime Orozco and I am presenting a topic that I want to research for a research project.  

    This is a project we get when we are seniors, which is called senior defense. We have to pass it in

    • Jaime, I think there is a lot of potential stories out there. It sounds like an inspirational piece just waiting. I briefly googled and all that popped up was healing yourself through self-love. treeoflifecenterus.com/healing-through-self-love/ says that it’s a combination of eating, reflecting, and giving to let the ‘love flow’. I’m not sure if this is the direction you’re going. I’d say go out and interview people (both sick and doctors) if this is something you want to pursue. My fear is that you’re going to be thrown off track and your thesis isn’t going to be clear enough since everyone’s ‘mindfulness’ is most likely going to be different. Not to mention people might attribute the life spans to medicine and their outlook as a fluke.

    • Hello Jaime! I do believe that the body finds a way to heal itself sometimes, but not all sickness are bearable to set aside. People with alzheimer’s can’t simply live life to the fullest, some are so far gone that they can’t live their life in order, they get confused and their memory gets shuffled sometimes. From this website, https://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_what_is_alzheimers.asp, it says “current Alzheimer’s treatments cannot stop Alzheimer’s from progressing.” This means that some diseases don’t stay at a certain state forever, some untreated diseases can get worse and make living horrible. It really depends on how bad the sickness is. I do agree that mindfulness can help people with anxiety. What do you hope to find out more about this topic? I am interested to see what more you do with topic. Do you believe being mindful is worth not taking medication? But if there is nothing more a sick person can do for themselves, then I agree that they should try to live a happy life to the end. I hope to see more about your paper. Bye.

  • Why am I happy as hell

    Why look at the world

    So mad

    When you can be happy

    Yea things may happen

    But we can move on from them

    Being sad and mad is

    Not going to fix it what fixes thing is

    • I like how you talk about that you being happy and you cannot change it by being mad.

    • Dear Jaime,

      Very well done. I didn’t know you were quite the poet. Your piece represents a huge part of your identity and that no matter what happiness is the key to living a fulfilling. Thanks for sharing the piece.

      Vesna Sot

    • Dear Jaime,

      Good job getting your poem done. I am glad to see that you are able to express how happy you are through this poem. Happiness is definitely the key to life.

    • Good job on explaining why you are happy as hell. This poem shows how being happy helps people get trough the hard times. This poem is a good solid poem.

  • Jaime Orozco JR  


    English 4

    Ms. Oliver


    I was named after my dad and my dad was named  after his mom’s dad. I like my name because my dad is a hard working man. More than just being my dad, he i

    • Good Work Jimmy !!!

    • Dear Jaime Orozco JR

      Your post was a really good and interesting post. You put a lot of emotion into it. I liked how you explained everything. You made it very clear so that the reader could understand what they were reading. One sentence that really sticks out to me was the “Most fathers are not involved in their kids life. If my father was absent in my life it would have been way harder for me.” I liked this sentence because it its true if someone would grow up without a father it would be really hard for them because they wouldn’t have a dad. It would also mean that the mom would of have to work extra hard for raise all of the children. You know that would suck. Another sentence that sticked out to me was “My father came into the United States with only the clothes on his back. From this he has been able to build a better life for him and his family.” This sentence sticked out to me because idk it just does. Your post reminds of me of when like this guy told me a story. Thanks for writing I look forward to seeing another one of your amazing posts.

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