• Dear Daniel,
    Your poem was very good I like how you chose a different topic than just love. I also like all the metaphors and similes you used in your poem. This poem was very accurate because usually when parents are arguing they don´t think we hear them or understand but we really do and that’s why it was a good example when you said ¨Hurt by b…[Read more]

  • Jadyn commented on the post, Khalid poem 10 months, 1 week ago

    Dear Khalid,

    Your poem was great. I like how you explained love in different ways and forms. You said love can be visiting your dad in the hospital, helping your mom do dishes, or showing compassion like hugging your sister. I believe your trying to say that love doesn’t just have to be someone having a boyfriend or girlfriend and they have l…[Read more]

  • Jadyn commented on the post, Love 10 months, 1 week ago

    Dear Juan,

    Your poem is sooo good. I love how you showed how love isn’t about the fancy presents or things you might have. It’s about your true feelings towards the person not your feelings towards what the person may have. You also did good on having a flow in your poem and it wasn’t just everywhere your lines connected with each other. I like…[Read more]

  • Jadyn commented on the post, Love Poem 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Dear, Brian U.A
    You did a job explaining love in your point of view. The part that I liked is when you said “I love a person That doesn’t believe in magic when we’re together We Believe in fun.” It sounds like your saying you don’t love people who are fake or act fake towards you love people who know how to have fun and be real with you. Some sugg…[Read more]

  • Dear reader I wrote this poem because I hear my parents and other family always talk about how Oakland is changing. They tell me about different things that are changing around the city. So when it was time to

    • Dear Jadyn

      I like how you chosen to write a poem about Oakland because most people wrote their poems about love and your’s stand out and because you’re talking about things that person of color in Oakland can relate to. Also I loved how you choose a flag as your picture of your poem because I feel that it represent how America is supposed to be like all white people should be in power and just take over things and push out all the blacks to show them who’s boss to try to make America great again. Over all the poem was beautifully wrote and make’s lot of people understand where you are coming from.

  • Dear Maria,
    I love your shadow box! Its very creative and I love how you added a lot of pictures to represent your love ones. You represented your culture so well with the colors and mini flags. Nice Job!

    Jadyn W.

  • Jadyn commented on the post, Don't Judge Me 12 months ago

    Dear Khalid,
    I like how you represented who you really are and showed why you aren’t what society claims you are. The Bible in the picture is also great because it shows your religion and beliefs. I also like how you represented your culture. I hope to see more work in the future.

    Jadyn W.

  • Jadyn posted a new activity comment 1 year ago

    Dear Kimberley,
    I can tell you put a lot of effort into your shadow box.
    You represented your culture and family very well with the pictures and drawings you chose.
    I also like how you defended feminism with the Rosie the Riverter.
    Overall your shadow box is amazing and its organized and designed so nicely, good job!
    Thank You,

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  • Jadyn wrote a new post, Identity Of I 1 year ago

    Hello my name is Jadyn and this is my shadow box. The shadow box is used to represent my true self. It exemplifies my culture, everyday hobbies, features, and religion. To start off I am African American which is

    • Chris replied 1 year ago

      Very interesting. I think it is very interesting that you have a strong relationship with God. I think most people in highschool are disconnected from religion, so it’s cool that you are involved.

    • I like your description of your strong connection with your family and God, Jadyn. I feel like some people seem to disconnect with there parents and God in high school and college, so its great that you’re very close to them.

    • Diego replied 1 year ago

      Dear Jadyn,

      I am amazed with the work on your box. I think that your work really reflects on what you did. I like how there’s a lot of images and color. I think that the inside of your box really shows who you are. I think that your box really represents and lets people see what you believe and who you are. Keep up the good work.

      Sincerely your advice Diego

    • One sentence that stood up to me is when you were talking about your family’s features. This is because you said you all looked alike which is cool. I am learning more about you like your mom’s and dad’s side of the family which is interesting. I enjoyed your shadow box because it shows a clear description of who you are. I hope to see more work of your’s in the future.

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