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Huge Change in the Supreme Court

After reading the article, “Vacancy on the Court” (Upfront) I learned about the significance of Ketanji Brown Jackson as President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court. If she was confirmed by Congress, this would mark an important milestone in our country for appointing the first African American woman as a Supreme Court Justice. What makes Jackson a notable nominee is […]

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The Russian-Ukrainian Issue

Recent tension between Russia and Ukraine has brought up past and present events surrounding the Russian government, as discussed in the article, “Does Russia Want War?” (Upfront). In recent news, we know that Russia has been nearing towards its border with Ukraine with military forces. Amid tension for a possible attempt to invade Ukraine, which was formerly part of the […]

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Drug overdoses are responsible for more car crash deaths and gun violence fatalities combined

Since the pandemic struck the US, there has been an alarming surge in drug overdoses, according to the article “The Opioid Crisis” (Upfront). Opioids are painkillers that can be prescribed by a medical professional, yet they seem to be the root of addictions that lead up to the deadly usage of fentanyl, a synthetic drug with potent effects. The most […]

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Multicultural Education

An October issue from btw discusses the recent laws four states made to promote Asian American and Pacific Islander education in the article, “AAPI History Required in Illinois Schools.” Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Wisconsin are the states who have passed or are going through similar legislation to require AAPI history in the school curriculum. However, although it is a […]

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Decrease in Human Population: Good or Bad?

In the article, “Where are the people?” (The New York Times, Upfront) I learned about the decrease in world population and the implications it will have on society. Even in China, which is known to be a very populous country, ghost cities are showing up because very few people are living there anymore. The explanation for this decrease in the […]

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The Memes We Share

In the article, “The Sneaky Truth About Memes” (The New York Times, Upfront) I learned that the memes we share on social platforms shape and influence our behaviors and even our opinions. Memes are a tool used in social media platforms to synthesize information and deliver it in an entertaining way. However, according to media experts, users must be careful […]

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The Effects of Climate Change

In the latest, “Stuff YOU Should Know,” article (McGraw Hill) awareness is made regarding the flooding in Tennessee that has displaced many and accounted for deaths. The events occurred last month and left many civilians without homes as well as tremendous damage to their communities. At the moment, about 20 people have been reported dead, including two toddlers. Federal aid […]

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The Issue in Afghanistan

In the article, “Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban” (McGraw Hill) I learned about the current issue that the Afghani people are facing as US troops are beginning to depart and their democratic government collapses. During the Trump administration an agreement was made between the US and the Taliban to begin the depart of US troops in Afghanistan. The evacuation process […]

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