• JadeOCHS

Hello Sophia I am moved by your post, "Actor Makes History at Oscars" because I think it is very inspiring and amazing what Kotsur has accomplished despite the limitations many of us could not imagine overcoming. This is a great message to anyone who has goals but is doubting themselves...

Gen Z View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • April 27, 2022

Hello Sayra, That was interesting information you provided in your post, "Gen Z," because I didn't realize how big our generation was nor how diverse it was. It intrigues me to research more about my generation. Something that caught my attention was when you said, "I think that Gen Z is...

Hello Isabella Thank you for this very insightful discussion in your post, "What Does Too Much Screen Do To Children's Brains." I have two younger sisters, and this issue concerns me very much because we live in an age where technology literacy is important yet balance is necessary. There is...

Why online returns are bad View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • March 14, 2022

Hello Sayra Your post, "Why online returns are bad," surprised me because I never even wondered what was done with returned products, and I did not expect that they were actually thrown out. This is something I would look for more information on, considering that I am an online shopper....

White Rhinos View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • March 2, 2022

Hello Joseph Your post, "White Rhinos" raises my concern about the world because it shows how animals have to be protected by humans from other humans. Having to be forced with the choice to transport these animals from their natural habitat is an extreme measure but sadly it must be...

Fast Fashion View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • January 27, 2022

Hello Araceli I appreciate the insight you give in your post, "Fast Fashion," because it is true that people in different countries are suffering due to poor labor in these sweatshops. Since the pandemic, I have seen a rise in interest in shopping "hauls" and how several online shopping businesses...

A trip to space View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • January 18, 2022

Hello Ashley It was very interesting reading your post, "A trip to space" because you make a point on why humans shouldn't focus on regular space travel just yet. I do think we have other issues here on Earth to concern ourselves with first. I agree when you said, "As great...

The Autobiography of Malcolm X View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • November 3, 2021

Hello Evan I am very interested by your review because of the insight you describe in regards to the book. I agree that racial issues do, in fact, still exist in this country. Something that stood out to me was when you mentioned, "The microaggressions described can be found in society’s...

Hispanic Heritage Month View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • October 19, 2021

Hello Francisco I appreciate your post, "Hispanic Heritage Month," because you bring to light the importance of celebrating such a diverse and amazing group of people. I also think that everyone, not only Hispanics, should take the time to acknowledge this month and take the time to appreciate the culture....

Social Media Free Speech View Comment
  • @JadeOCHS
  • October 4, 2021

Hello Christopher I am interested by your post, "Social Media Free Speech," because it touches on an important topic regarding technology and freedom of speech rights. While it may be true that the student could have handled her situation better, it was her expression in her own platform and for...

Hello Charles: I am intrigued by your post, “Is having cultural intelligence important?,” because in my English class me and my classmates have been discussing the importance of having multicultural education in a school's curriculum. We too, agree that having multicultural intelligence is necessary to advance in one's success. I like...

Hello Axel Your post, "America Means Sluggish and Unhurried Change" impressed me by the great insight you have on the country because I, too, see the slow (if not stagnant) progress being made in America. Recent events in my English class and a trip I took to the capital have...

Dear Billy : I am in strong agreement with your post, “What are the biggest issues facing the world today?,” because it is truly terrifying how the issue of climate changing is escalating rapidly. I believe its impacts would alter our world as we know it and be further disruptive...

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